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Westlife Sings Happy Birthday to Fan Thanks to Her Fiance During WILD DREAMS TOUR in Manila Philippines 2023

Thursday, February 23, 2023Traveliztera

We were at the Westlife Wild Dreams Manila Concert last Tuesday & my fiance got Westlife to sing me a Happy Birthday song!

I’ve been a big fan of Westlife since I was 10 years old and having my fiance do this as a gift to me on my birthday just blows me away. I mean, he has given me so many surprises for my birthday, like we drove a mini river boat, ate at a very beautiful steak place, ate at my fave hotpot restaurant, and dined and swam at Sofitel Sydney, that looked over the wonderful Australian city.  But this??? THIS TOPS IT OFF! I just had to blog about how amazing my fiance is!

Here was what happened last night that I will never forget, and that I will continue to cherish for the rest of our lives together: 

Just as a background as to how big of a fan I am and how this means a lot to me, I’ve been a fan since I was 10 years old, and everyone knows this at home & at school. Anything WESTLIFE-related, people will tag me in it even through all these years. I collect their merchandise (CDs, posters, dolls— you name it!) and my parents have been influenced as well, which is a bonus, since they come to the Westlife concerts with me. However, in 2011, I moved to Australia, just when I started studying there, so I couldn’t just fly back to watch their farewell concert. Hence, I made this video, which Mark Westlife ended up sharing to fans on his Twitter, which made me cry again:

In 2015, Mark Westlife had a Meet & Greet in Scotland, just across our hotel, and I COULD HAVE MET HIM, but we had a day tour. This devastated me. Another missed opportunity. So when I blogged and made another video about this, Mark tweeted my blog again, and included my video in his fan video. So close, yet so far. 

He said we will meet again. Now it’s 2023, and my fiancé made me cry, by making this big effort to get noticed by Westlife. Call it perfect timing but we were scheduled to come home to the Philippines from Australia, to visit our families, and plan for our Church wedding, this February 2023. Last year, Westlife made an announcement that they are coming to the Philippines in February (thanks Wilsbrolive!!!) and my friends started tagging me. Of course, I had to jump in and get our tickets. I also wanted to surprise my parents as thank you for all their support in taking me to Westlife concerts when I was a kid. It’s my turn this time!

Now, I did not know what he wrote on his banner, but he said to trust him in what he was gonna do. I tried to stop him from putting his banner up because I did not want him to block the view of those behind him, but Nicky of Westlife decided to read some fan signs, and Kian of Westlife pointed out to Nicky that he found one banner that was interesting, and then he started reading Jericho’s banner (my fiancé). As soon as I heard my name, I was SHOCKED. My mind went blank. I could not focus. All I hear was Westlife singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY with my name in it. What a surprise! My parents were also surprised. When I heard the crowd singing with Westlife, it touched me so much. 

Having a fiancé like Jericho is such a blessing. I think he is such a keeper, and as a Westlife fan, this is a winning move and I am blessed to have him! Thank you for the great efforts you have done through these years— but this one just tops it off, as a big Westlife fan who wants to live out her childhood dream!

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