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Interview with Squid Game Player 306

Tuesday, April 26, 2022Traveliztera

Guess who is back!? After 4 years, I'm back to blogging and Youtube? LOL. I have been busy with my work and postgraduate studies, and there are so many new chapters in my life since I paused my blogging mode. But one thing is for sure, I can never leave this blog and my Youtube. In fact, I'm so glad I got to come back through (a) A song for my partner, Jericho (which I have yet to post) and (b) SQUID GAME! Last time I got swept away by a TV series was during my WALKING DEAD days (and I need to blog about that too!), and then Squid Game happened, and here we are, having this amazing encounter with one of the iconic actresses in the series!


Squid Game Player 306 actually survived, and she sat down with me, her number 1 Filo-Aussie fan (lol self-proclaimed), to discuss what she really felt during the stressful game of survival, especially with the Squid Game Doll in the Red Light, Green Light Game. 

Watch as we discuss what her favourite KBBQ side dish is, and everything about Mi-Seon Yang (Player 306) and her journey to landing the most iconic Squid Game scene ever! 

See more of Mi-Seon Yang through her Instagram! 
- SPECIAL APPEARANCES and SHOUTOUTS: My partner, Jericho Vin Escueta: http://instagram.com/vinescueta Everlovan: http://instagram.com/everlovan V BTS: http://instagram.com/thv SQUID GAME FANS !!! BTS ARMY !!!

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