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Monday, January 29, 2018Traveliztera

Whether it's a birthday party, a Christmas party, or a New Year's Eve party (I'm definitely looking forward to 2019? Haha!), dressing up is the most fun, yet sometimes, most stressful part of the event.

Whenever I am preparing for a party, I get this question from my girlfriends: What are you wearing???

Most of the time, we're all just stressing out on what to actually wear. I know. To some, it's so easy, but to some of us who are just choosy with what is appropriate to wear, it becomes a battle between us and our closet.

I already have my signature look, which you might have already noticed if you've been on my social media pages, but I do change my look every so often just for fun. Most of the time, people notice the changes through my hair or my makeup, but I have started playing around with my clothing style.

With my birthday coming up, I guess this post would be appropriate as to what to wear, depending on how the event is being celebrated.

So here goes my...

Top 3 Party Outfits:

1. The Conservative but Sexy Look

This is a great New Year's Eve Look. I feel like the colour is festive. What I like about this dress is how it's basically a long sleeve one and doesn't show too much cleavage or anything like that, but it looks so sexy because of the lace, especially at the back. Not to mention-- the length of the dress. 

It's that kind of dress that still covers you at the right places, but shows off your legs or back in a sexy way, which I totally love. Normally, I'd wear a dark lippie, but the dress is already in a burgundy tone, so I chose a red lipstick. My eye makeup was neutral. Nothing else is super vibrant, as the dress and lips are already taking the spotlight with their colour.

Shoes: Naturalizer

2. The Casual with the Oomph Look

This has to be one of my faves. It has the touch of elegance with the plain white off shoulder long sleeve top, and the casual playful look of a high-waisted denim shorts with laces. To show off my shoulders, I tied my hair into a bun, and matched it with my fave sunnies for added colour. My eye makeup was still neutral, but my lips were dark red. I noticed that it goes really well with white tops.

Shorts: MissShop
Lipstick: Diva by MAC

3. Sexy Elegant Look

I think the most dreaded thought a girl can have when wearing something that shows off  a lot of skin is looking inappropriate for a party. You CAN still look elegant, as long as you got the right hairstyle and makeup. It's the way you style your dress with your overall look. 

For this dress, it is lacey and has a low cut at the back. So, to pull off this look, I had to tie my hair in a bun to show off my back, but not as high as the one I used for the casual look. I also used long dangling earrings, and wedge shoes.  Also, go for neutral eyeshadow or a smokey eyeshadow. I went for a pink lipstick this time to soften the look.

Shoes: MissShop

So there you go. Those were some of my favourite styles when I go to events. As you may have noticed, Tobi is one of my faves when it comes to dresses.

I do enjoy dressing up, so I might even dress up on normal days. 

Watch this space for future OOTD moments!!! 

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