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It's 2018!!! So here's my "Year-End/Opening" Post!

So much has happened since January 2017. Looking at my blog posts from 2017, I can say that I barely even had enough time to post some entries compared to 2016. That year, on the other hand, was just filled with major events that were vital to me settling in, so pretty much, I was chill and was just receiving & enjoying what I worked so hard for for years since I came to Australia.

Plus, Instagram Story happened. LOL. I think I've been too active in documenting everything I've been doing everyday through that platform, and it didn't help that Instagram decided to add that feature wherein you can actually display your stories on your profile through separate categories. So now, it seems as though my Instagram page became my blog, because I even organised all my stories into different categories--like this blog. Haha!

Anyway, 2017 was a different story.

2017 was definitely one of my most productive years. I just kept going and going and going, and surprises just kept coming out of nowhere. 

It was definitely a busy year. Even my days off were taken. I was able to do both my work and passion all at the same time, and I am very pleased with this. That was a big accomplishment this year. I also had a lot of realisations that I never even expected to realise.

So, I shall look back through this post, and I will try to catch up with the rest of the stuff that have happened through different blog entries.

I admit. I slacked off on my singing in 2016. But 2017 was just filled with this. Not only did I get to sing, but I also got to act and dance, and perform to an audience. This was something I have long forgotten since I came here in Australia. Back in the Philippines, since I was a child, I was constantly on stage--whether that was me singing, dancing, acting, hosting, or even answering Quiz Bee questions. HAHA! I definitely missed being on stage. 

And I am so happy I got to join the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) at the beginning of the year for my singing, and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) at the end of the year for their Broadway Musical course, which definitely became a highlight of my year, since I got to act, sing, and dance to musicals that I TOTALLY HAVE PASSION FOR! Thanks to these amazing schools!

Also, I did mention in my old posts that I got to perform on SBS. That was a great highlight as well! 

Oh and of course, me placing 2nd in the Role Model of the Month contest of The Photo Studio! That was one of my "Face Your Fears" moment! And I thank everyone who supported me that time!

I got to travel to 10 places this 2017. I didn't get to have a proper holiday in 2016, so I guess 2017 was just filled with traveling. This was something I missed doing, because back when I lived in the Philippines, all my parents and I did was plan our travels every year, and I really, really enjoyed that. I am glad I got to travel with them again this year! I also got to travel with my friends outside Sydney, and that was a great accomplishment this year too!

I got closer to the people I love, and I got to reconnect with a lot of people I haven't seen nor talked to for a long time, and we all got closer too. I also gained new friends who shared the same interests as me, and we all clicked. I can say that there were just too many bonding sessions this year!

I was so active at the gym. I tried to get back to my fitness goals without forcing myself to actually do them. I just went with the flow. If I can gym, so be it. But I'm happy that I made sure I had time for my health and fitness.

We're getting there. I have so many plans in 2018 for this area in my life.

I definitely became closer to God, and I've been meditating everyday! It brought me amazing blessings and surprises, and my mind was just set for positivity.

Yes, I barely write on my blog anymore. But, I do have a lot of journals wherein I got to write down my everyday thoughts, and yes, poems. Haha!

Okay. I got this one birthday gift for myself. I'm surprised God really wanted this to happen on my birthday week huh!? I've always wanted to meet this person for years. I AM FRIGGING MEETING HIM IN 2018! YAYYY!!! 

And of course, I had so many simple wishes that became a reality a year after. I looked back at my wishes from 2016 and was surprised that a lot of them happened. 

Thank you, 2017! I love you!

I have so many things to say, but let me summarize it with what I said on my Instagram account:

2017 has been a very productive year that was filled with surprises, new adventures, and great blessings. I am grateful because I am surrounded by inspiring people who have joined me and stuck with me in my journey this year. Thanks for basically being my Samwise Gamgee. I took the small steps needed to get what I have always desired and I am forever grateful to everyone who pushed me to face those fears! I am happy with my 2017 and I am soooo excited to see what 2018 is bringing me! I wish you all the same and may you guys enjoy your NEW YEAR!!! 💕💕💕I love you guys! To my family and friends, much much much love to you!!!

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