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Role Model of the Month & The Photo Studio Sydney Experience

Tuesday, June 13, 2017Traveliztera

2017 is such a surprising year.
My fave photo! There's something about the vibe of this photo. I just love it!
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supported me through campaigns and votes to make me win the Role Model of the Month competition. It was a tight competition-- especially during the last few hours. We almost won 1st but ending up 2nd was still amazing! I didn't even expect I'd get it haha! But thank you guys! We won! Thanks to everyone who sent me their screenshots haha! I was so embarrassed, but hey, thanks guys! Love you!

So yes, I recently got nominated by The Photo Studio for their Role Model of the Month, and that was honestly enough for me. At first, I didn't want to tell anyone aside from my parents and some close friends, but they pushed me to at least try to win this, because the story behind my photoshoot was all about me taking a step this year to just do the things that I am passionate about, despite the difficult schedule of being a nurse. Again, thanks guys for pushing me to do what I love. And really, thanks for all your support!!! I appreciate everything! =)


Since 2017 entered, I think I haven't had proper sleep due to so many activities in-between work. Don't get me wrong! I'm not complaining. I think this has been
one of the most fulfilling and productive years ever, and I am truly grateful for everything that has been coming my way.

Anyway, on my birthday week, I received a message from Megan of The Photo Studio. She wanted to invite me to get involved with their campaign photo shoot that was about embracing all women, recognising no barriers, and getting one's confidence out. I've heard about The Photo Studio, and let me tell you, creative fun and high quality are in the blood of their team and their work.

Megan stayed in touch with me for a couple of days to give me an introduction to their work, as well as help me prepare through a styling call. We had wonderful conversations about the creative world, and she was very approachable and helpful. Her bubbly personality definitely introduced me to what I was about to experience at The Photo Studio.

I was nervous. I mean, I haven't had a photo shoot since I was 17! It's as if this year has been calling me nonstop to come out of my "comfort shell" and getting out there again. 

To be honest, I have never explored the creative side of Sydney wherein I am directly involved in. I was usually just an observer of someone else's work.

Ever since I got here, I was just so serious and focused on getting my nursing career up and going that I forgot to take care of the girl whose other passion involved singing and performing. 

Nursing is an amazing career. I enjoy helping people a lot. I'm just so in love with the idea of touching other people's lives. I did both Cardiology and Palliative Care Nursing, and they obviously have this huge difference in terms of care. Still, it's fulfilling to be able to see and help someone get revived and have their health back, as well as give the comfort that a dying patient deserves to have a peaceful and pain-free death. I sometimes sing and act out like I'm in a musical in front of my patients to make them laugh, and that's when it hit me that I definitely miss my musical side.

I realised that I lost the balance that I should have had. I lost the other dreams that used to live in me to the point that I lost the confidence of that girl who used to perform so many times in front of an amazing audience for years.

It was only this year that I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and consistently hang out around the creative spots in Sydney to do what I want to do in terms of my singing/musical theatre dreams.

And guess what?

The Photo Studio happened. And they made sure that my confidence was kept alive. They became part of my journey to getting that confident performer back.

My photoshoot was booked a week after my birthday. And boy, that week has been sleepless. I had three consecutive days of birthday celebrations for me and my friend, Suz, then the day before the shoot, I had hair and passport appointments, and on that night was my voice class. I then had to wake up early the following day for the photo shoot because of my travel time, and on the photo shoot day, I had to go to my nightshift afterwards. 

Lovely! I'm surprised I had so much energy despite the sleep deficit. I guess when you're having fun at being productive, you just feel hyped up!

So... I did not know what to expect. 

I arrived at their beautifully designed studio in the vibrant suburb of Glebe, and was greeted by one of their lovely team members. I got served with their refreshing iced tea and some lollies, and I already started to feel comfortable.

I was at their lounge for their briefing, and I was looking around, and their displayed photos were breathtaking.

I was given an iPad to choose which hairstyle, makeup, and photo shoot styles I preferred. Then later on, their wonderful producer, Annaliese, came out to greet me. She made me feel welcome, and had a talk with me and asked me about ideas, and reassured me that Tash (Photographer) and Karina (Makeup Artist) are very creative, and will be able to help me in bringing out what I wanted out of this photoshoot. I'm already trusting this team!

She chatted with me for awhile to make me feel comfortable, and then escorted me into their studio, and I was greeted by Tash and Karina, who were both very friendly and lovely. They have organised my clothes according to preference, and all my accessories and shoes were all laid out as well.

I was glad that their preference was also my preference. I was going to wear a vintage dress and an outfit that had an edgier style. I loved the contrast.

I started with hair and makeup, while having behind-the-scenes shots, which were taken by one of their wonderful photographers (I'm sorry I didn't get your name, but thank you! =( ). Karina listened to what I wanted, while suggesting options as well. We were able to create a look that we both loved. She also helped me out in accessorising my looks. She made me look beautiful that day!

Tash has already prepared the set for my first shot, and made me feel more relaxed by helping me out with my poses. It was like bam-bam-bam. Shots here and there, then we moved on to the next set, and on to the next set. It was nonstop. She knew what she was doing, and I felt that she was able to direct me well to get the best shots. I started to feel that I'm going to fall in love with all the photos. That's how amazing she was!

After that, I had to go for my next look, and again, Karina helped me out. Then I was off to my next shoot. Time flied so fast! I was truly enjoying it.

Then it was all done. 

I had too much fun that I didn't notice we were done!

I had to come back a few weeks later for the viewing session. When I arrived, I was greeted by Annaliese, their producer, and it was so lovely to see her again! She explained to me everything that I needed to know, and then started showing me all my photos.

It was definitely difficult to decide. They all looked amazing! Thanks Tash!

Annaliese helped me out, and she really loved the beauty shots, and we were just laughing about it because I wasn't a fan of my own beauty shots due to me being less confident about them. But I got to choose one beauty shot for my portfolio cover, which I think was a great suggestion by Annaliese. 

She has been really accommodating throughout the process, and her lovely personality just makes you feel more comfortable and confident that you will have an amazing portfolio in your hands. Thanks so much for being wonderful that day! I appreciate all your help and our lovely talk!

Overall, this experience has been an amazing and memorable one. They made me feel welcome and I have nothing but positive words for their service. They were professional, and at the same time, they were fun to work with.

Thank you to The Photo Studio for the great timing in inviting me, especially to a great campaign that I believe in and will be living out this year. The treatment I received is beyond amazing. It was one of those great surprises after my birthday, and as I said, I think this year is really all about getting out of my comfort zone and keeping my passion in singing alive. So thank you for being part of this journey! This has been one of my most creative years yet. =)

Check out how happy their studio can get! (I thought that was Orlando Bloom haha!)

Also, my friend, Archie, surprised me with a drawing of the first photo I posted above. I did not expect he'd draw me! Thank you so much for the effort you've put in to this wonderful drawing! It's very lovely of you to do this! Check him out on Instagram: @archiemation.

Special thanks to The Photo Studio Sydney Team:
Megan (Head Stylist - Bookings Department)
Annaliese (Producer)
Tash (Photographer)
Karina (Makeup Artist)
and all the creative people in The Photo Studio who took care of me!

5 Franklyn St, Glebe NSW 2037

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