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The Grounds of Alexandria: The Potting Shed with Friends

Thursday, March 09, 2017Traveliztera

It's been three years since I last visited The Grounds of Alexandria, and I'm so happy I went back again this week with my good ol' friend, Jason (Greenpinoy who was in my City of Stars video) and a new friend, Frenjick, who are both visiting Australia this month
with Jason

with Frenjick and Jason

I was looking forward to eating the pork sliders with black buns like in Spongebob, but it was no longer available. However, they now have a new menu, and I guess it got replaced by Buttermilk Chicken on Steamed Buns, which I decided to order.

From 2014


The ambience was already relaxing and breathtaking, and I was so happy that Jason and Frenjick loved it. I was thinking so hard where to take them, but good thing I remembered this place!  

The Potting Shed was one of their main dining places, and there were other cafes in the area, but this place was my tried and tested one, though I know the others are as awesome as this.

What did we order???

Buttermilk Chicken on Steamed Buns - I definitely recommend this as an entree! It was already filling, but I guess my stomach came prepared that day. The bun was very soft, and the buttermilk chicken was moist and wasn't salty, but definitely buttery. I liked the crunchiness and the buttery goodness with the Asian kick.

Grounds Bakery Bread - It was so fresh! Firstly, the shape was unique. I loved the seeds on top that gave that added texture to the already crispy crust. Then you have that whipped garlic butter. It's garlic. And butter. My favourites.

Marinated Mixed Olives and Pickles - I didn't get to try this, but it looked like Jason was enjoying them because he loves olives so much!

Steamed Mussels - I didn't get to try this. But looking at how it looked like, it really looked appetizing and Jason's heavenly reaction just gave it away.

Char-grilled Grain Fed Beef Sirloin - This was my chosen main. It was so juicy, and the garlic butter that came along with it matched it so well! I usually have it with mushroom sauce, but they did not have this. However, the garlic butter was actually enough. It was resting on top of the steak, and you spread it until it melts. Yum! It also had hand cut chips that were also lovely, but I enjoyed the normal chips more, because the hand cut chips were thicker.

Spice Roasted Lamb Rump - This is another amazing dish. The lamb was soft, and the lamb taste that usually turns non-lamb fans off wasn't that strong. Whatever spices that were in there created a wonderful aftertaste. It looked like Frenjick enjoyed this dish a lot!

Grilled Mooloolaba Swordfish - I don't eat fish, but again, Jason looked happy with it. 

Eating all these dishes in such a wonderful place made the bonding more laid-back and enjoyable. It was great catching up with these two!

We then walked around and enjoyed the scenery. There were too many Instagram-worthy sights as per the two! 

There were stalls around for baked goodness. Sometimes they sell lemonades there and anything fresh! Then there's a small area for goats, chickens, and KEVIN BACON the pig! 

There was also a shop that was selling beautiful flowers, plants, teas, and other decors. I was tempted to buy!

Anyway, we took a lot of nice photos while sharing laughters that day. 

The Grounds of Alexandria is a good spot to socialise at if you want to slow the time down. Well, time went quick though, because we had fun! But it's a good place for winding down. 

It surely was a wonderful treasure amidst the industrial buildings surrounding it. As Jason mentioned, they did not expect to find something like that in an industrial area. 

It's a hidden paradise that is worth sharing with other lovely people.

Building 7A, 2 Huntley St,
Alexandria, NSW, 2015

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