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My SBS Radio Guesting

Monday, February 06, 2017Traveliztera

Because of my "City of Stars" cover, Ronald Manila of SBS discovered me and invited me to guest on their SBS Filipino show to interview me and let me perform three songs.

SBS is a well-known broadcaster here in Australia, and I am very thankful to Mr. Manila for giving me this chance to share my talent with their audience. You're another blessing to my 2017, so thank you!

Soundcheck! Thanks to Tin for my photos!

Without counting the wedding/birthday singing performances I've done recently, I haven't performed on stage for a very, very long time. Most of my years in the Philippines revolved around school, and getting myself on stage to sing, or act, or be part of singing competitions. That was my enjoyment. I loved the stage. I was very confident. After I left the Philippines, my focus shifted on to other things, and I lost the confidence I had when it came to stage performances. 

Thus, when I got invited to sing out of the comfort of my room, I was a bit nervous. I got invited to sing my Les Miserables song last year after my voice training, but I got busy with other things that I didn't get to grab the chance. I guess I wasn't really ready.

Then this year, I can say that I'm very ready and excited. I just had to grab all these opportunities, and again, thank you Mr. Manila for this. He did say that he wanted me to get used to singing in public again, so thank you to you and your team for being the initial push to get myself out there just like the old times.

With Mr. Manila

Anyway, last Wednesday, I went to the SBS studio with my bff, Cristina, who has never failed to support me. She pushed me to do my theatre class, and now, she volunteered to come watch me, and take videos and photos of my guesting. She was basically my manager that day. She kept motivating and reassuring me that day whenever I felt nervous. She even teamed up with Mr. Manila in getting all my emotions out while singing. Sheesh. I had a manager and a director! Haha! Thank you for supporting my dreams all the time! You push me too much, but thank you!

Mr. Manila and Cristina on the other side of the studio.

It was a fun day. I performed three songs. Two English songs and one Filipino song. He said he will be playing them from time to time. Thank you! I also had an interview, wherein I discussed my passion for musicals, acting, and singing. It felt so good to reminisce who I used to be, and who I am working on to be.

I got told that my idol, Sarah Geronimo, got interviewed here! Eeeek!

I just realised that La La Land made such a huge impact on my life. All of these really started with that movie, and me making a cover of their themesong.

I can then say that God chooses the right time ALL THE TIME. Now I see why I was given random opportunities like doing a theatre class, or even an unexpected last-minute admission to the Australian Institute of Music to do a vocal course (I seriously jumped in their class last minute haha! Sorry guys!). They all happened in January 2017. 

It's just the beginning of the year, but all these things have been coming to me, and I am very thankful to everyone who is making things happen for me unexpectedly, especially God. 

The energy I had during the past few weeks had been amazing. I used to just work and sleep, but now, even with just 5 hours of sleep, I am so inspired to do so many things in-between work. All of a sudden, I have so much time to do other classes, and make music, and of course, workout. Haha! This is just like when I was young, when I had school, but I seemed to have had so much time doing other creative stuff. It really makes a difference to have an outlet for your passion and talents.

Again, thanks Mr. Manila and SBS. Thank you as well to everyone who has been supporting me all these years. I can feel your love and support. Thank you guys for always believing in me, even during the times I did not!

Here's a sneak peek of my performance. This is my practice video, so please forgive me for any mistakes. I can't air the full videos until they air the episode, but I'll keep you guys posted. =)

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