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My birthday celebration keeps getting better every year, and I really want to thank all of my family and friends who always make sure that I would feel loved all the time, especially on my special day. You guys didn't have to, because I always feel your love, but thank you!

This year, I didn't properly organise my birthday compared to last year. It was more of me just going with the flow. Last year, I started planning once January 2016 came in, and down to the small details, I had them all covered. 

This year, everything was last minute. I got to finalise everything only during the week itself, but it amazed me how everything fell into place perfectly. I didn't know how I was going to manage some of the plans... I just asked God to guide me on that day because to be honest, I had no idea what to do.  And then they just went smoothly. I felt very happy and I really felt my birthday week went amazing.

I'm not saying that last year was bad. Last year was also good, but I did not expect the outcome of this year's celebration, because as I said, I just went with the flow.

My family and friends were very amazing to me. They gave me wonderful surprises on each day. Seriously, you guys didn't have to, but thank you for all the lovely treats, gifts, and messages. You know that your presence in my life is already enough for me. 

The best part is, my birthday fell on a weekend. FINALLY! It usually was a weekday, so now, I got to celebrate it properly. 

It started on Friday, the 10th, before I started work. There was a Farewell Party for our Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist, and Suz did not want to start it without me. Then they started singing Happy Birthday to me. I thought it was a joke. But thank you guys for the joint birthday/farewell party! I enjoyed all the food and the cakes! Also, I will miss you Tin and Sav! 

Then when I finished work, Suzy asked me to go to the house of our other friends, Caz and Gaz. I got there, and I was greeted by these:


They know how much I love drawing Spongebob everywhere at work-- the whiteboards, their paperworks, and their arms. And thanks for thinking I'm a rockstar, Gaz. Haha! I got told how funny it was when Gaz was holding them as he went home. He had to hold Spongebob's hand. 

Suzy, Caz, and Gaz then gave me their wonderful gifts. Suzy brought me some funny cakes. Then we counted down to my birthday. Thanks guys! It was very lovely and I appreciate it. It definitely made me happy! Thanks as well, Tin, for calling me that night!

The following day, the 11th, was my birthday. I met up with Cristina, Ry, and Vee for Afternoon Tea. It was a great catchup. It was nice seeing them all again! Though I see Cristina often, somehow, all of us together made me really happy. I just wish Birbir was here in Aus, then we'd be complete! Thank you guys for the wonderful gifts/treats! I missed you all so much! It felt like I was at Uni again!

Also, thank you for the continuous support you guys give me in everything I do. Despite the rare meetups, you guys keep in touch with me to give your support and love!

We then drove to The Ternary, where we had dinner with my other friends: Suz, Caz, Gaz, Q, Cookie, Albs, and Fii. We had a lovely dinner, and again, thank you all for spoiling me. You guys seriously didn't have to, but thank you for all the spoiling! I felt your love. I always do, but I felt it more. Thank you! 

As the dinner finished, I was happily chatting, when I saw this sparkly thing close to the right side of my face, which really physically startled me. 

Apparently, Tin, Vee, and Ry organised my birthday dessert greeting by excusing themselves because Tin had a reflux. Right, right. Haha. But thank you for this! You always do this to me! Thank you guys sa love. I get awkward when the spotlight is on me, hence my awkward "What do I do? What do I do?" reaction:

A post shared by Steph S (@mshypersinger) on

Then we went to Laser Tag for two games. Again, thank you guys for this. I had a good practice for the Zombie Apocalypse. I felt it. Haha!

Along the way, some random synchronicities happened. They were too awesome! Totally made my birthday!!!

The following day was Brunch Day with Suz and Albs at Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie. We tried eating light, because we were all going to our separate lunch dates. So, we ended up sharing these very lovely treats:

Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

I then headed on to Munich Brauhaus, The Rocks, to meet up with my Oasis friends: Clare, Jana, Nards, Dae, and Micko! The place was amazing. 

We had a lot of laughter, and it was good to see them again! Thank you all for your lovely gifts! Nards had to go back home just to get the gifts haha! And Dae & Micko, thanks as well for the American pasalubong treats! 

For dessert, I was looking for a place, but I was wondering why they were going straight to this cafe, because we usually discuss where to go. Then our lovely and very, very, very nice server, took out some plates and just placed them on the table. I was a bit confused. And then we ordered coffee, and then our wonderful (haha) server came out with this amazing cake, organised by Clare and Jana! Thank you again! 

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While we were eating, I received a message from this person whom I was a big fan of. Seriously, that was another extra surprise! Thank you!

I thought it was over... I went back home in the evening, and then Suzy came around, saying she wanted to talk. Then she handed me another set of gifts! Seriously girl... Thank you!

Then last night, she asked me if I can go to dinner with her and Albs. I said sure, thinking it was her pre-birthday dinner. We went to Yuki's at the Quay, which was a nice fancy restaurant overlooking the Opera House. 

When we finished eating, she said it was their gift for my birthday. SERIOUSLY... You didn't have to. But thank you guys so much for everything, especially the friendship and love! I appreciate it a lot! 

Then today, we prepared for Suzy's birthday, but these were what I got from Suz and Caz:

Guys... Too much... But thank you! Special participation of Dae's lippie gift!

I'm not finished celebrating my birthday yet. I have yet to hangout with my other family and friends in the coming days. But thank you to everyone who made my birthday this year extra memorable. I really felt happy and loved. As I said, just hanging out with you guys is already enough for me. But thank you so much! 

Thanks for all your amazing gifts!

I will celebrate my birthday with my parents soon! I'm excited for that as well! Thank you mom and dad for all the wonderful things you have given me, and I'm not talking about the material things... I'm talking about the love, support, and guidance you always send my way. 

Also, a lot of wonderful and unexpected things happened during my birthday week that were pretty much from God. I will blog about them later on!

So now, I am officially... I won't say my age. Haha! I am looking through this post, and all I can see is "Thank You". I can't thank you all enough. The happiness I feel right now is just... overwhelming. Since 2017 entered, everything just kept getting better, and I want to thank God, my family, and friends, for all the blessings, love, and happiness you are all giving me. Thank you because you guys are supporting me with my dreams and goals at the moment! They are overwhelming! Thank you for the wonderful greetings! Thank you! I am blessed to have you all in my life! Thanks for being part of my journey! I love you all!

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