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My 'City of Stars' Song Cover from 'La La Land' by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

Tuesday, January 17, 2017Traveliztera

I originally wanted to do "Audition" by Emma Stone, but I felt like "City of Stars" tells a story of both sadness and happiness, and it summarises the bittersweet story of La La Land. 

Judging by the lyrics, you'd think it's a "happy love" and hopeful song, because they were falling in love while singing this. And as the song progresses, you start to feel sadness, because you start to realise that there were struggles in the background that were happening between the two characters, Mia and Seb.

Anyway, here's my take on "City of Stars", written by the amazing Justin Hurwitz, for the film, "La La Land". (And if you haven't read my thoughts about the movie, click here)

Special thanks to Ager for the instrumental.

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