Thank You 2016!

Saturday, December 31, 2016Traveliztera

I can sincerely say that 2016 has been an amazing year for me. It has been a year of growth and discovery. Sure, it wasn't a perfect year, and there were ups and downs as how life would be, but those made me stronger, and more accepting and excited with what was going to happen next.

Looking back at my posts this year, I am so happy to see how much realisations I have made. 

I was able to enjoy life more.

I realised I was surrounded with a lot of love.

I got to spend more time with my family.

I became closer and more thankful to God.

I gained new friends.

I reconnected with old friends.

I was able to maintain great friendships.

I learned independence.

I learned balance.

I learned how to meditate.

I explored and traveled more.

I became adventurous.

I finally went to a voice studio to develop my singing skills.

I got to sing and perform more than ever.

I was more active at the gym, and I was able to do fitness goals and activities with my buddies.

I was able to make more decisions on my own without having to consult others to please them.

I was able to see the positive side of anything that did not work out well.

I am patient, but I am more patient than usual.

I understood difficult people and situations more, because when I did, more wonderful things happened.

I learned to go with the flow.

I learned to be more grateful.

I was able to go to more events and see what the world had to offer.

I learned to forgive.

I learned how to make peace with situations I had no control of.

I learned to love myself more.

I became more confident.

I have just been more excited.

Saying I'm excited is not enough to explain how I feel. I am just really thankful to God, to everyone, and to everything that made 2016 the year it has been.

I know that 2017 will be another year of surprises, but I am excited to see the results of all the things that I've worked on this year. Again, a big thanks to you, 2016. Thank you for being so good to me and for shaping me into who I am now.

And to whoever is reading this, may you have a wonderful 2017! Whatever happened this year, whether good or bad, is a learning experience that will make 2017 better. Always know that it will keep getting better, and we just have to be excited about what is yet to come!

 Peace, love, and happiness to you!


CREDITS: Photos were taken by Cristina

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