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VIDEO: Our Christmas Song Cover of Baby It's Cold Outside by Idina Menzel & Michael Buble

Friday, December 23, 2016Traveliztera

Screenshot of our collab. Video below!

I have never done a proper Christmas song for the past few years that I've been doing song covers. I get requests, but I guess I never had the time to push through (excuses, I know). 

This year, I promised myself to be productive and productive it has been. Glad that my year is ending with another awesome collab with Geoff aka Gzee, whom I've worked with before in 2011 for a parody of "Nice Guys" by Kevjumba, Chester See, and Ryan Higa. The only difference between that and this is I'm not rapping in this one haha!

Anyway, it was an awesome collab! Gzee definitely had that Michael Buble voice that the song needed. He did all the mixes and this video. Thanks Geoff for inviting me to do this! It was a fun jam indeed!

Here's our video! Enjoy! 


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