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My Winter to Spring Transition + Looks

Tuesday, November 01, 2016Traveliztera

So this post is just gonna be spontaneous. I got no format for this one. I'm just gonna talk. Haha!

I can't believe it's already going to be SUMMER soon!!! Whatever happened to the year!?! Anyway, I think that Winter to Spring had been the busiest time of this year--making the year faster than ever. Even though I feel tired at the moment, I've enjoyed a lot! 

So in 4 months, I've become a foodie, Cinderella, a rocker, a runner, an Indian Princess, a zombie, a unicorn, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. I can't stop typing etc.

Let's start off with our Hospital Ball! It's the first time we all got to go and bond with all the other hospital staff. It was a great night. Of course, it's a ball, so, we're a bunch of Cinderellas. It ended at 12 MN. I wish I can post all the photos from that night, but there were just too many. Nonetheless, it was nice to see people out of their scrubs.

Last month was Good Food Month here in Sydney. So, I went out with my friends to try out the different food stalls at the Night Noodle Markets

I got to go with Tin to try out the Octo Dogs from Harajuku Gyoza. Octo Dogs are Corn Dogs which turned into a bunch of octopus. The presentation was disturbing for some people. Meh. I like Corn Dogs, especially if they look like an octopus.

I also got to eat my favourite food from ONE TEA LOUNGE-- Ramen Burger!!! Tin got the special Chili Cheese Kimchi fries from POKLOL.

For dessert, I decided to go to N2 + Black Star Pastry. They served their famous Watermelon Cake and the same cake in gelato form, which they call "Cake Smash".

After 4 days, I went back with my other friends, Q and Suz.

I was after HOY PINOY's famous Filipino Barbecue. Please don't judge. I bought for everyone.

And then... this happened:

Food. Again. We celebrated Jana and Clare's birthdays on two separate days in 1 month, so we've been going out eating as well. Amazing food. Tapas and all the feasts! Great locations too! Got to cruise around Sydney with my college friends: Clare, Jana, Nards, Dae, and Micko. 

And then there's Brunch + Beach Time. Yep. Swam despite the cold weather. Mermaids! The sun disappeared when we arrived. LOL. It was a good challenge. And oh, for brunch, I had the most amazing Southern Fried Chicken brekky ever!!! Plus POLENTA CHIPS. MY FAVE!


I also did mention I became a zombie unicorn. With my zombie makeup look, I had blue hair. Katy Perry mode. 

And then it became purple for awhile, but I went back to blue.

And now I'm back to Ash Blonde.

And the most recent one was me becoming an Indian Princess alongside Indian Princess No. 2. Hahaha.

Diwali happened yesterday! So, my friend, Suz, invited us over and dressed me up with her beautiful and majestic Indian dress & accessories! She also did my hair. I also enjoyed all their food! INDIAN FOOD = HEAVEN.

Then we went to karaoke after everything. LOL.

I expected Winter to be a bit dead, but it has been amazing as it transitioned to Spring. I made sure that the transition was colourful-- with my hair and lips involved. Haha! I think I've had so many looks during the past few months. I enjoyed that part too!

Now it's time to continue running. On the treadmill. On the beach. On the road.

Because SUMMER IS HERE!!! Boracay, here we come! :D

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