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Life Showers and the Uber Driver Love Advice

Sunday, November 27, 2016Traveliztera

I don't know if that other weekend was given to me on purpose to remind me to continue enjoying life with no pressure. You tell me!

I got invited to a Bridal Shower, a Baby Shower, and a 28th Birthday all happening within those two days. I don't think I got to sleep well because they were all happening some hours apart. However, I enjoyed a lot! Plus, I think there was some kind of a reminder why those events happened on that particular weekend in that particular order-- marry, give birth, and celebrate the birth. Lol. But there really is another reason.

Since I am turning 28 in a few months, you can expect the typical question from the people around you when you're single and nearing your 30s. What question? Well... 

"When are you getting married???"

Honestly speaking, I used to live with the idea that by 28, I would be married. That was my ideal. Lo and behold! I changed my mind. Haha! I know that marriage requires GREAT responsibility and commitment, and that you should be really, and I mean really ready for it. I've always known and accepted that fact. Easy. But for some reason, as I got closer to my "target age" of 28, I realised, "Wait, wait, wait! Hold on! I'm not yet ready!"

So, let's start off with the Bridal Shower of my good friend, Rei. I am truly happy for her because I know that she and her future hubby are a great couple. They've been together for years, and they have been preparing for this. I am so excited for them! I know that they will have a great marriage!

Of course, you get those little signs that you get to hold for photos, and they kept giving me the one that said "I'm the Next Bride to Be". I looked at them and I was like, "Oh no. Is this one of those pressure questions again?" Jokes aside, they sincerely reminded me that I should enjoy life as it is right now--which by the way, what I've been doing. But I think they were trying to reassure me that they were not one of those people who would pressure those almost hitting their 30s. And yes, I do know that we all have different journeys. So to Rei, congratulations on your new journey!!! I am so happy you guys ended up together because you look like a really happy couple!

Then me and my friend Uber'd it home. Usually, our Uber drivers are quiet. But this one just suddenly opened up about his fear regarding his daughter and the current reality of relationships. 

He's afraid that a lot of people are getting shallower these days, and that true love is getting rarer. Some people no longer wait, and some jump on to another relationship once their current relationship gets difficult or boring. He was so protective of his daughter who seemed to be becoming part of the current trend, and would love for her to achieve the true love that he felt towards his wife.

Then he gave us a lecture about love. He asked us how we would choose our life partner. I said that I want my life partner to be my best friend because that's the best foundation. He said thank you, because he thinks that people these days want it in a rush and would just choose whoever gives them attention. It scares him.

He also asked if we believed in waiting (in any aspect)--that guys will wait for the right time if they truly love you, and if we would do the same.

We said yes and gave our views.

He was so relieved and said, "Thank you. I'm glad there are still some people like you girls who exist. I almost lost hope with what I am seeing these days. My wife and I are best friends. We also waited. Romantic love will fade over time. Sometimes you get so annoyed with your partner, because that's normal. You start to lose the feeling of being in love with all the things you go through. But if you are best friends, you respect and love that friendship, and you protect it no matter what, and you work together to remain together, that's friendship, and that's true love. That's what I want my daughter to learn, and I'm happy I got to talk to you both to know that there's hope. I hope my daughter and you girls find your true love." 

Wow. Sounded like my dad. Exactly what my dad has been telling me. Did my dad teleport for a minute there? I think that ride was like a counseling session for the three of us. We thanked him. Then he said "No... Thank YOU for bringing me hope."

This Uber Driver is such a great dad. I felt his love for his daughter, that he would do anything just to protect her. Just like my dad. To you Mr. Uber Driver, thank you! That was such an enlightenment! 

He gave me consent to share that by the way. He said he'd be happy to share the parental wisdom and enlighten other people, so there you go!

The reminders kept going. I had to run to the Baby Shower of my friend, Kirstin.

We're the same age. She's 3 days older than me though. Haha! And here she was, about to pop and give birth to her lovely boy! I'm so excited for her! I'd love to see her little man soon. I made a boxer out of him. Haha!

For the first time in forever, I didn't feel pressure. I usually get the pressure before whenever I go to showers, because somehow, you start to think, "Hey. They're my age. And I'm still... here?" And it doesn't help that the people around you go questioning the same thing. But I didn't feel it. I was enjoying the moment. No pressure at all. It was just being in the moment and not worrying about my future. I was just so excited for my friend! If someone did bring that question up, we would all laugh about it.

And then I went to my bestfriend's 28th birthday, which I will be doing in a few months too. Haha! That ended the weekend. THAT 28th birthday was the final weekend reminder to celebrate and enjoy whatever life is giving you, because everything is coming to you at the right time. Everything that has been happening, whether good or bad, is leading you to life's greater surprises, and it's good to go with the flow. Again, it's all in God's time, and He knows when to surprise us while we're on our unique journey.

Happy Birthday Tin!

As for me, I know that I have so many plans up my sleeve at the moment, and I still want to achieve them before I go thinking about settling down. I know that when it is time, I'll know it, and I will enjoy it. But for now, I will not worry about it, and I'm just gonna live out and enjoy whatever is being given to me right now. 

No pressure! Thanks 2016 for this great learning!

I have prepared for 2017, because I know that everything I was doing this year will be blossoming next year, and yes, I am so excited for this!!!

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