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Train to Busan and the Filipino Parodies

Tuesday, September 13, 2016Traveliztera

Train to Busan is my dream come true. A wonderfully created Zombie-themed Asian film. I’ve never seen something so beautiful as this film that uses zombies, aside from The Walking Dead, which is beautiful in other ways. 

If Koreans made it, I can definitely say that it will not disappoint you. They’ve been known to tug your hearts unexpectedly. It goes beyond the usual plot of surviving the zombie apocalypse. 

I’m not here to spoil you, but let’s just say that if you’re not a zombie fan, this is still watchable and will not scare you (I think)

My mom HATES zombies. I repeat: MY MOM HATES ZOMBIES.

She hates anything scary. But I managed to get her to watch this with me, and she said it was beautiful. Like seriously. If my mom says that towards a supposed horror film, then that says a lot.

Koreans did it again. There is a reason why I like Asian Horror Films—especially when Koreans make them. It’s not superficial. 

This film will make you cry. It will make you angry. It will make you cheer for them. It will make you clap your hands. Pretty much, it definitely brought out the emotions successfully.


You will hate this guy:

And you will LOVE to be this guy's wife:

And if you feel like having something for a laugh to break the heavy emotions brought out by the film, check out these parodies made by Filipinos. You see, in the Philippines, we like to incorporate the movie’s themesong during dramatic scenes. Check them out:

(I have nothing against gays-- I love them so much. I just love the song entering the dramatic scene.)



All in all, I ENJOYED TRAIN TO BUSAN. It's now my NUMBER ONE FAVOURITE ZOMBIE MOVIE. Shaun of the Dead is next.

And to be honest, I believe… that… zombies will exist in the future. 


CREDITS: Next Entertainment World

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