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A Cup of Meditation

Wednesday, September 21, 2016Traveliztera

I have fallen in love with meditation. 

I was never interested in meditating back then. I tried, but my mind just kept going and going. I only started getting interested this year, and it wasn't difficult.

Sure, keeping the mind still is difficult, but as long as you have the intention to meditate, you just let the thoughts passively flash in your mind. You're not actively thinking. You just observe what you're thinking, until your mind is able to focus.

The key to a successful meditation session is to practice everyday, and to never stop, despite the busyness of your mind. You don't just stop just because you seem to not get to the stillness you're looking for. You work towards it without forcing yourself. 

That is what letting go means.

You let go of the thoughts by merely observing what you're thinking. 

Letting go doesn't mean detaching yourself from any issues that may come up from the meditation process. I think that they should not be ignored as these issues flashing before you passively may actually be things that your mind wants you to act on once you finish your meditation. It's a way of your mind giving you guidance.

Then you learn how to be still. It just happens as you start to let go of controlling your thoughts.

Ever since I started meditating, I noticed that everything around me was changing. It's as if there's peace, harmony, and love. My day goes smooth, and if something unsatisfying comes up, I tend to brush it off and sincerely know that it will all be okay, and it usually did. 

My mood is almost always up, and if it goes down, something happens to turn it back up again. Also, whenever I need something, it just finds its way to me. 

I feel that meditating gives me patience and answers in some ways, and that fact gives me enough reassurance that everything will be okay, no matter how rough a day may get.

I definitely recommend meditating. I start and end my day with a meditation and a prayer. It gets me through the day. It makes me look forward to more miracles I can thank for once the day ends. 

I can honestly say that I'm happy I learned how to do this. I always wanted to, but I never got to it until now. I feel healthier and happier with it. 

So have a cup of meditation a day and see the difference.


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