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As someone who was born during the time when everything we read was in paper form (which means that a lot of process goes behind this before it gets published), it is sometimes difficult to find a reliable source during this digital age. Anyone can now publish online, which means we have easy access to numerous sources of information, whether it is accurate or not, through our portable gadgets. 

Also, the media has evolved to cater to the fact that some people these days are always in a rush and want a quick source of information – even if it becomes fragmented with superficial and byte sized content. However, there are some people who still want to have an in-depth and factual analysis of global issues and events. One of the sources that I truly trust and believe in when it comes to getting a greater understanding and perspective of stories would be the magazine that I grew up with: TIME.

When you hear about “TIME”, do you remember associating this with quality journalism? I remember growing up with TIME and seeing how it is a big deal when someone is chosen as their person of the year. There is a sense of trust in their work, as TIME does not only present facts, but also dissects issues to give a better view of their stories.

Again, as this is the digital age, people like quick access to media. Fortunately, TIME has a new app that makes reading more unique, exciting, and interactive. This is what you call a reading experience being taken to a whole new level.

I downloaded the app to my iPad and I was taken to the main Library Page, where I can choose issues I would like to read. I downloaded an issue and I was surprised at how I was just at the cover of the magazine and it was already alive through animation and music. It was a great introduction as to what was about to happen.

I swiped through the pages, which can easily be accessed either by scrolling through, or by accessing the ‘Table of Contents’ button. I can quickly pick what I would like to read just by doing a few taps.

The pages are very interactive. There are tappable buttons, which elaborate certain information and the infographics are definitely interesting. There are pages where you can tap on a ‘speaker button’, so that you can let the app read the article for you. In addition to the audios, there are bonus slide shows and videos included in this app to give you more visual content. Additional commentaries are also included in this digital edition. 

I enjoyed this app so much, as each page kept giving me something new to explore. It was an immersive and a three-dimensional experience. What I like with this is the fact that despite the changes, TIME did not lose its distinct quality, class, and uniqueness. There was still good information delivered and the photos are still of high quality. 

If you are curious about the app, you can check out these demo videos: &

As TIME would love everyone to gain access to this unique experience, while discovering quality content and journalism, they are now offering a 65% off their subscription until the end of June.

One of their great offers includes an amazing value of $153.90 (was usually $528) for their full magazine access through the iOS app and, and an actual print edition for 1 year. That is a lot of savings!

For more information and to start experiencing TIME digitally, check out their page: TIME

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