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Of Synchronicity and Serendipity

Thursday, May 12, 2016Traveliztera

First of all, thank you for the wonderful reception you guys had of my post about happiness. I didn't expect that much feedback from that post. I guess we all needed a bit of a reminder sometimes.

Anyway, the other week, me and my friend were surprised to see that both of us had matching INNER and OUTER outfits. Seriously. We both wore a black dress with a similar cut and style, and we both had a beige outerwear. Oh yeah, we both wore boots. 

Then I realised that the same thing happened to me and my other friend during another event a long time ago. We both wore a dress with black and white stripes. I looked back at our old photos and most of the time, we had a similar outfit.

I then noticed how me and my other friend would say THE SAME THINGS AT THE SAME TIME a LOT OF TIMES. We would blurt out a random phrase and it was exactly the same, and it freaked us out. Seriously, it happened a lot of times.

And this is when I realized how lovely the world of synchronicity is. The more I take notice of it, the more I receive it. 

Synchronicity is when a situation happens, and it makes you go, "What a coincidence!" It's as if everything seems to be in alignment. Some people consider this as purely accidental. A random moment. Some people look back to everything that has happened, and realize that if that situation didn't happen, the events that followed wouldn't have led them to where they are now. And some think that this is a wink from somewhere to validate that they are in the same vibes with whatever situation they are in.

And in my above examples, those are just superficial examples. It's like a validation that yes, me and my friends are all in the same vibes. I was in a friendship that I wanted to be in.

Then there are deeper levels of synchronicities. 

One example is when I was 8 years old, I visited Sydney. I remember saying to my parents that I wanna live in Sydney in the future. I liked it so much. 

A few years later, I seemed to be receiving so many signs that Sydney was my destiny. 1 year before I went to Sydney, me and my parents traveled to Europe with a group of people from different countries. There was this elderly couple who approached us, and asked my parents about me. They said they noticed how our bonding was, because they reminded me of their kid. My parents told them about my plans of going to Sydney, and then they said they were from Sydney, and would love to meet up, and that if I needed help, I can approach them. Surprisingly, the university I was going to was close to their house too! 

A few months later, after Europe, we then traveled to Taiwan. In the bus, a lady was in front of me and then she started talking to me. She was also Asian, so I thought she was a local. Then she said she was actually from Sydney, and that she knows a lot about the visas there. She started giving me tips on how the process is in living in Sydney. She also kept in touch with me.

A week after the Taiwan trip, we had to fly to one of the provinces in the Philippines, a month before I had to go to Sydney, to visit my grandmother. Usually, me and my parents sit next to each other, but this time, I got separated. I ended up sitting far from them, and I was sitting next to this man. He then started telling me his story that he was there to visit his family, and that he's flying back to Sydney after a week, and then his family was going to follow him in Sydney next month. He then gave me his number if I needed tips in living in Sydney.

Now this is the freakiest part.

So a month later, I hopped on the plane that was heading to Sydney. We were sitting next to a mother and his son. For 8 hours.

We arrived in Sydney, and when we were going out to the Arrival Area, I saw the man I met on the plane in the Philippines a month ago-- the one who was sitting next to me and giving me tips. He recognized me and was surprised, and said hi, and we talked. He said he's waiting for his family.

Guess who arrived to meet him?

The mother and son who were next to me on the plane on my way to Sydney.

From a dream of living in Sydney, to getting signs and help to start living in Sydney-- now I can officially say that I am an Australian citizen (but I still have my Filipino citizenship because I still love the Philippines).

Synchronicity. I love how it works. It's freaky, but I love it. There's a reason behind everyone and every situation we meet. So whether it's negative or positive, synchronicity brings you those signs that yes, this is a sign of what you're desiring and thinking of, and you're about to get it. 

Then all these random events just keep coming to you, and if you pay attention, you'll notice them and realize there's a reason why those were put in place, and it's now up to you to recognize them, and have the courage to act on the desire that caused these events. If you don't, you get out of the vibes and become blind to those "random events", and eventually end up going to another path again. 

And then people confuse this with "serendipity". Are you familiar with the movie with the same title? Let's put the romantic plot aside for now, and apply the concept to life as a whole. Generally, it's all about making a happy discovery by accident. But that will be another post.

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