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Butter Sydney (Surry Hills) is Fried Chicken & Sneakers Heaven

Sunday, May 08, 2016Traveliztera

Surry Hills is a great place to find some "nomnoms". Although there are so many food places around, this is one of my favourite spots, probably because of the creative vibe it resonates.

Thus, when I saw Instagram photos of some gorgeous deep fried chicken pieces that were smothered in red sauce, or were presented in burger form, I had a feeling it will be in Surry Hills.

And indeed, the fried chicken's home was found there. So me and my bff, Cristina, decided to go there.

The place is called Butter. It's a store where you can buy sneakers and chicken. Butter defines their place as "a hybrid sneaker, fried chicken, and champagne bar in Surry Hills, Sydney"..I know, right!? It's a good and unique combo for a shop. Thus, at first glance, you might miss the shop as a place for eating if you don't look close enough. The outside of the shop is a big display of all kinds of sneakers.

If you go inside, the place looked hip. 

Me and Cristina decided to sit by the display window of sneakers. So, people were just looking at the display in front of us, and it can make you conscious if you don't like the feeling of being stared at while eating, but trust me, they're just looking at the sneakers. Or are they? Haha! Just kidding.

When you look at the menu, it is filled with options that make you want to try all of them. We decided to buy the 3PAC meal and the Fried Tofu Nuggets + Miso Corny. We didn't want our chicken smothered with hot sauce, so we just ordered a sauce on the side that was safe (scared of the spiciness). I chose Butter Ranch, and Cristina chose Smoked Aioli. 

The chicken was GREAT. I love the crispiness and the creamy taste of the batter. However, I felt that I should have ordered the mildest hot sauce with it to balance the creaminess of the chicken batter and the Butter Ranch sauce. I had a feeling it would have given the chicken an extra oomph! Next time I will! 

Even the fried tofu was good. There's something in the batter that makes the fried stuff delicious (ANSWER: BUTTER). The cut was big though. I wish they had smaller cuts, so that it's crispier. But it's okay! I love tofu no matter what! And the sauce that came with it= perfect.

I can't review the corn because Cristina ate it. But she seemed to have enjoyed it. Haha!

I also love their coleslaw. It had sesame seeds, so I enjoyed it more than the usual coleslaw.

The ambience, as I said, was hip. Music was modern and of course, it was "everything hiphop". It was a good New York vibe. I can stay there all day long.

If you choose to take your chicken home, be prepared as it will be placed in a sneaker box. Haha! I loved that part. It's like expecting new shoes, but you find fried chicken instead. Either way, it's a good feeling.

Here's a screenshot of their menu from their website:

Overall, it's a good hangout place. I am definitely going back to try the chicken again in a different light. Hello hot sauce! Haha!

Visit them at:
6 Hunt Street, Surry Hills, NSW

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday- 11:30 am to 10:00 pm
Friday to Saturday - 11:30 am to 11:30 pm


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