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The Walking Dead:Last Day on Earth- WHISTLE THAT TENSION OUT!

Monday, April 04, 2016Traveliztera

This episode built up the tension. 

It made me glad to see some people becoming who they were meant to be, and I was definitely holding my breath, hoping no one died.


I am starting to like Morgan now. I am sorry, Morgan, for disliking you in the past. He has now vowed to find Carol, and bring her back physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Such a guru. You are gonna be Carol's "Guru Knight in Shining Armor on a Horse".

Yep. He has his hitting stick (lol) and his horse. "Knight in the Zombie Age" Package is complete.

Horse, you ARE alive!!! 

By the way, I loved that scene. It was a good motivational message amidst the hopelessness in the world. That you still have something to be thankful for. That you are still alive.

This guy is on a mission to find Carol and give her the rosary back. With a price tag, of course. (Did I make sense!? HAHA!) Duh, you killed his friends, Carol.

These two just keep on fighting. Too much fighting, guys. You always fight. But it's because Carl cares. Just wait after a few seconds, and he'll show you how he cares.

Their new goal is to get Maggie to Hilltop's doctor. Yes! Theory was correct! 

Now we got shots of a guy running, obviously being chased by the Saviors. He got caught, and this Saviors' "subgroup leader", totally reminds me of an older version of CJ from DAWN OF THE DEAD.

Credits: Dawn of the Dead

Anyway, let's go back to how Carl shows how much he cares:

He locks you-- not in his heart-- but in his closet. 

In the Zombie Age, it's the best thing you can do to protect someone, I guess. Until someone from the Saviors barges in and, surprise!!!

So the main characters decided to go with Rick on his "NO MORE LORI-LIKE EVENT EVER" mission. This is such a great treat to the Saviors. So easy.

And guess who's the boss in terms of defense in Alexandria while Rick is out there...

Great shot, Gabriel! I appreciate how much you've changed. From a hated character because of the cowardice you once had, to a new man (but still a priest) who is ready to defend his people. Where is Jesus!?!? I miss that guy.

Anyway, Morgan, of course, found Carol. Duh... This guy was able to track Rick down from Season 1, man! Nothing can stop this guy from tracking you!!! Even his lost protein bar made him find people.

Maggie was reassured by Rick. I'm pretty sure she remembers how she once helped Lori in delivering her baby, but it was just half the success, as Lori died. Rick must have felt this, and reminded Maggie through such moving lines:

"Everything we've done... We've done together. We got here together and we're still here... 'Cause as long as it's all of us, we can do anything."

Carol was bleeding. Wow! Where did Morgan find his dressing?!

So, Rick and the crew kept on driving, and then they got blocked by "CJ LOOKALIKE".

Rick wanted to make a deal. His deal was better, as it did not involve killing anyone, unlike the Saviors, who want to take everything they had, and kill one of them.

Rick played it cool and decided to retreat.

And then, a dramatic moment for Carl and Aaron. Asking each other why they were there and how they owed Maggie and the group. Carl really wants to meet the Saviors. He does.

Morgan, on the other hand, begged Carol to come back to Alexandria with him. Carol answers back by:

Woah, woah, woah. Anyway, her point was, she cares about the others, and she knows they care about her too. And that's the problem. Because if you care about them, you need to protect them. You have to kill for them. And she doesn't want to do that, because you do not get both. She knows Morgan knows that, because he doesn't kill.

Morgan defended himself by saying that everything is all about people. 

"Everything in this life is worth a damn."

If she's out there on her own, she will die. 

Carol was at her acceptance stage, and said "Then let me die."

On the other side of the land of Walkers, Abraham had a lightbulb moment. With the sun in the background as his lightbulb. Lol. 

He asked Sasha if she was ready to be just like Maggie and Glenn. To take that step.

Because he was ready.

Guess what? They got blocked again by the Saviors. This is so tiring.

Carl wanted to attack. Rick did not want to, yet. He can sense Carl's urge to just attack, and reassured him.

Again, they turned back, and tried another route.

This time, walkers blocked them. Two of the walkers had Daryl and Michonne's personal stuff. A set-up. The Saviors started shooting their feet. Amazing how no one got hit.

Rick broke the chains and the RV got to pass through. But he knew they wanted this to happen.


Here comes Carol's "Guru Knight in Shining Armor on a Horse"!!! He continued searching for her.

Carol was weak. SHE HAD A JUMPSCARE. And man, that walker was scary. I got scared for her. She couldn't get a proper grip. 

And when she finally did get through this, she got shot by that "friendless man" for revenge. He wanted to use his last few breaths by watching her suffer and die slowly. I was really praying for Morgan to come soon. 

Maggie was burning up. Rick reassured her that she's going to be okay, and that the baby is going to be okay.

Maggie replied, "I believe in you, Rick."

We all do, Maggie. We all do.

Back to Carol, she started laughing, and "friendless man" asked why. 

"I'm gonna die, so there's nothing wrong with me anymore."

I thought this was going to move the guy more as he walked away. But Carol was taunting him more. So he shot her again.

Come on, Morgan!!! Where are you and Alive the Horse!?!?

He was about to kill Carol off for good, when...


Now this scene here--totally moved me. Like, I got teary. MORGAN KILLED FOR CAROL BECAUSE HE CARED FOR HER. 

Carol begged him to let her go, but Morgan said it was not yet her time. YAY MORGAN! I love you!


And the Ninja Turtles arrived!!! The real "Knights in Shining Armor". Not really shining though. It's turtlish. They were going to help Carol and Morgan!!! And they found the horse too!

Back to Rick and company... Eugene came up with a plan. He was going to drive around as a diversion, while Rick and the crew run Maggie to Hilltop. 

Such a brave thing to do. I love the brotherly hug between him and Abe (we're a bit better now)

Eugene even asked Abraham why he never let him drive the truck. Abraham said he didn't think he can do it. But he admitted he was wrong, because he believes that Eugene is a survivor. Always was. That they just didn't know it. 

Everyone thanked Eugene. 



Wow. Main characters in one place. They got surrounded. Perfect opportunity to finally meet the man we have all been waiting for this season...


He confronted Rick. He said it was NOT COOL to kill his men. NOT COOL.

He gave them the consequence. That they were going to be punished, and not killed, because he needed them. They are now working for him. But they first had to pay for the people he lost. He took out Lucille. His scary wired bat. 

And the tension started to rise...

Because he now has to choose which one would be the lucky person to get bashed by Lucille.

When he stopped at Maggie and made a comment at how she looked, I felt so bad for Glenn. You can see his desperation.

I thought it was going to be Daryl.

He did the eenie, meenie, miney, mo thing. And stopped at someone.

And it is now up to us to decide who got the beating...

... which will be revealed a few months later when the writers would have finally decided who it was. (Just kidding.)

All the characters there were those you do not want to lose. So this is so sad, knowing it is definitely one of them. =(

'Til next season!!! 

Back to regular writing.

CREDITS: All images belong to AMC.

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