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[VIDEO] 'On My Own' Les Miserables Cover

Wednesday, April 20, 2016Traveliztera

Since "Les Miserables" is in Manila, Philippines (The Theatre at Solaire) at the moment, I decided to cover one of the most emotional songs in the musical, which has been famous, thanks to Ms. Lea Salonga. It's a challenging song, because it has a lot of emotions.

"On My Own" is a song by Eponine, who is in love with Marius, who unfortunately is already courting Cosette. Let's just say that people call this song the official "friendzoned" song.

She pretends to be in her own happy world with Marius, only to realize that she has only been pretending, and the heartache and sadness start to crush her heart. It's a beautiful song. So, I hope you guys enjoy my cover, even though this isn't as perfect as how Lea Salonga did.


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