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Ghost The Musical Australia 2016 - A Magical Experience

Tuesday, April 19, 2016Traveliztera

Last week, I was able to watch one of the most magical and romantic musicals ever created--GHOST. To those who know me, it has been my dream to be part of a musical. Right now, I've been busy with activities related to this, so watching this musical ignited my love for it more. The show was THAT inspiring.

Before I continue my review, can I just give a shoutout to Ms. Jemma Rix?! I am so happy I got to meet her. She plays Molly in "Ghost", and is famously known for her role as Elphaba in "Wicked". By the way, if you are reading this, thank you for being so kind in giving us the time to have a photo with you (above photo--even though the headlight behind me was so bright). You have been wonderful! I hope to see you in future Sydney workshops! You brought your magic with you to the Ghost show.

What can I say about this? Well, this is a new experience for me, because it is based on a movie. I have seen the movie by Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, and I was curious as to how they will do all the effects on stage.

I mean, come on guys, it's about a GHOST. How do you do all those effects, right!? I was also curious about the songs. We all know what GHOST's main song is. Yep, "Unchained Melody". So, what will the new songs be!?

I watched the musical with my lovely Gradeschool/Highschool friend, Jo Anne. With me and her together, there were so many inside jokes and comments that were made. I had so much fun. Thanks for our awesome musical date. Haha! And thanks for putting up with me and my random comments.

I don't know if I should spoil you guys, but the plot is already obvious with how the show's been promoted through posters or trailers, and of course, you may have seen the movie. But basically, Sam (Rob Mills) dies. Sam is Molly's boyfriend. And Sam is on a mission. 

Maybe I should stop there. My main review is how the show was done. 

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The songs are catchy and memorable. They basically have a good mix of ballads and upbeat songs. 

The choreography was flawless. It was nonstop and it keeps you entertained. Whether the song was slow or fast, I didn't get bored at how they presented their songs. There were always some things happening in the background, or just everywhere! It wasn't dull and flat.

The lights and the effects??? It was like watching a magic show and a musical in one. So many effects were done through their lights, multiple layers of screens, sounds, and the actors themselves.

The cast was amazing!!! You know how sometimes the ensemble gets taken for granted (and believe me, I love looking at ensembles!) and people just focus on the lead actors? Their ensemble is a great mix of very talented people, that I started recognising them all. They all got to step into different characters, and they were able to make their talent shine brighter and more distinct. I felt that they were given the spotlight that they deserve, alongside the lead actors.

The lead actors definitely gave their characters justice. There was a good chemistry between Sam and Molly, so their love story and emotions felt realistic. Carl (David Roberts), their bestfriend, looks so innocent, and you wouldn't know what's going on inside his head, until the stress comes in. Willie Lopez (Ross Chisari), you made me hate your character, so good on you mate. Oda Mae  and her girls (Evette White and Lydia Warr) were funny. They were a great comic relief in the middle of the heartbroken and tragic moments. And Subway Ghost (David Denis), dude, nice rhymes! You scared me with your magic.

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My heart was truly touched by how this was presented. All my emotions were coming out. I felt the love that Sam and Molly shared, the sadness that Molly was going through, the helplessness and anger Sam felt because his life was taken away unfairly and he had unfinished business that he still wanted to fix, the joy and laughter that Oda Mae (Wendy Brown) brought to the stage with her witty and funny personality, and the happiness and fulfilment that the ending provided.

Seeing this show is worth it. I enjoyed it so much, and it definitely did not disgrace the movie, "Ghost". 

Again, great job to everyone involved in the GHOST's production! The whole crew deserves this wonderful success. Their director, Matthew Warchus, definitely continued his Matilda magic in this musical. Wonderful! And to Rob Mills, I heard your interview on the radio last month. Your story was inspiring that I got more curious to watch Ghost too. Lastly, to my friends, Jana, Dae, Clare, Micko, and Nards, thanks for building up the excitement! :)

Shoutout to the awesome Ensemble as well:
Blake Appelqvist
Nicholas Eaton
Xander Ellis
Simon Fairweather
Samm Hagen
Chidi Mbakwe
Joshua Mulheran
Justine Puy
Elenoa Rokobaro
Monique Salle
Kirsty Sturgess
Drew Weston



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