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Walking Dead: Not Tomorrow Yet (Crazy Recap)-- Too Many Emotions Stirred!

Tuesday, March 08, 2016Traveliztera


What is up with The Walking Dead this season!? Every episode, we get more and more loveteams!? Is this a Valentine Season? Oh yeah. Well, get ready. Because this episode has so many lines that will break and touch your heart. Abraham has the worst line. But Jesus has the best line. Read on.

Anyway, let's start this crazy recap.

So we began with Carol and a very happy tune in the background. She's baking cookies!!! Too bad Sam isn't around anymore to disturb her. 

She went around the woods to get her ingredients, and found this REALLY WEIRD ZOMBIE.

Seriously, what the heck!?

Anyway, Carol was so jolly. Just went around giving away cookies to all the kiddos. Commercial feels.

And a bigger kiddo...

Yep. Tobin.

Do I smell romance again!?

And awhile ago, it was sunny. Then it started to rain while she was with Tobin. Romantic scene effects? Haha!

Rick came back with the others, and he gave Carol the news. "We're gonna have to fight." Carol looked at the last cookie, and her smile faded. She probably remembered something. Oh wait. Morgan arrived. Give it to Morgan to make peace? LOL. No? Okay.

Morgan then said, "You don't have to carry that.", in regards to the almost-killing-each-other situation that happened between them while in the cell. I thought he meant the cookie. Jokes.

So it happened that the cookie was definitely for... 


So the meeting was held at the church. So full of symbolisms here. You decide.

Morgan, again, doesn't want Rick's idea. But the Alexandrians definitely do not want a repeat scenario of their downfall. 

Rick versus Morgan. Woot.

Carol woke up and started writing numbers. Then went for a walk and a smoke. And... Tobin called her out.


Yep. Tobin gave a romantic line... Somewhere along the line of Carol being a mom. 

Well... Finally. They kissed. They're cute.

As a new couple emerges, another fades. I think that was the most talked about scene on Reddit. Haha!

Abraham was really annoying here. The way he just left Rosita?! What a complete jerk!!! Ouch for Rosita. Now, I really feel bad for her, despite me saying how I didn't see what their real love story was, because we only saw the sensual side. 

But in the past episodes, they finally portrayed how much she loved and cared for him. How she worried so much when Abraham was out there. How she stuck with him through everything.

So yes, after everything they've been through, you guys heard what Abraham's answer to her was, right? That he thought she was the last woman on Earth? THAT was harsh. So much for taking her for granted. Used her for another purpose. 

But still. I did not like how he treated her. No woman deserved that. Sorry. But he had no right to act like that, especially with the fact that Rosita didn't even do anything to deserve that. If there's one person who should be mad, it should be Rosita.

Anyway, I can feel the anger of the audience. Haha! Read it at ! You don't deserve Sasha either, Abraham.  No woman deserves such treatment. And karma is on its way. Just wait.

So props for Eugene for popping out at an epic time. New loveteam in the making.

Then we got the talk between Tara and Denise. All I can say is... I love how they are trying to cover Tara's pregnant belly. LITERALLY covering it with a plate.  (To those who do not know, she is really preggie in real life.)

Time for a gameplan! I have a feeling they will be hunting for Gregory's head. Glad Gabriel's here.

Hands down to that talk between Rick and Gabriel.  "Why are you still wearing that?" said Rick. Of course, Gabriel had to be serious and say he still is a priest. And then joked around that it is to hide him in the dark. But I love how Gabriel is really into this now. Gabriel > Morgan.

And then there's this talk between Rosita and Carol. I thought Rosita was going to open up about Abraham. Haha! But this girl was mad. Mad because Morgan had the guts to say what he had to say at the meeting, when he hurt Carol so much and almost killed her in the cell, and almost caused Denise's death. 

But Carol wanted to cover this. She's really becoming a mom. I'm scared for her. LOL.  She also saw Maggie, who for her, should not even be there. So she decided to stay and protect her. Awww.

Now it's time to find Gregory's zombie lookalike. HAHAHAHA. 

We saw Glenn and Heath having the talk. How they were both nervous about this. I am nervous for you guys too.

I like how they injected subtle funny moments in this episode. Like how they said the nose of the Gregory zombie lookalike had a different shape, so Rick decided to punch the nose. And made the smart move to give the other Hilltop guy an excuse for his broken hand (which was Rick's fault haha).

Well, he was right. The Saviors were scary, but nothing tops Rick! No one can top Rick!

So they finally went to Negan's place, and gave the head. Then they gave the other Hilltop guy back (who by the way, was really beaten up). And just like that, they were so quick and brave to just go for the kills. So much for the guy whistling "Happy Birthday". 

And they're in. I am scared for them. Seriously. The suspense was too much. 

I was more nervous for Glenn and Heath. I can feel their moral tension coming in and out. Then they saw the "motivational board" of the people the Negan crew has killed. I think that was enough to keep them going. 

Now we get the scene of Tara, Gabriel, and Jesus. OMG. This is too cute. JESUS AND GABRIEL. FINALLY TOGETHER IN ONE SCENE! 

So Tara decided to open up to Gabriel. I think it has been emphasized a lot of times in this episode how Gabriel was still a priest. It challenges our head to see if he can really do what he has to do despite his background.

Anyway. Tara asked Gabriel if he was still a priest. So, she confessed to Gabriel that she lied to Denise. That she was covering something up. 

I seriously thought she was gonna say she was covering her pregnancy. HAHAHA. Just kidding. I think it's an inside joke for them too.

Anyway, apparently, she lied that she hasn't done something like this before. You know. Attacking people and not liking it. *Insert Governor*

But I really, really love the lines delivered here by Gabriel and Jesus to motivate Tara.

Jesus: Do you?
Gabriel: Do you love her?
Tara: Yeah.
Jesus: So, you know what you're fighting for.

Gahhhh. The best. 

Anyway, we then saw Abraham and Sasha. Abraham got sliced. See. I told you that karma was on its way.  Abraham--the only injured person in the group. Haha. Sorry. 

This caused an alarm to be raised. Good job Abraham. You are really a let-down.

The war has begun. So many locked doors that got opened. Heath and Glenn survived a rain of bullets, and managed to kill those who were shooting them. Miracle. Wow. And a guy almost shot them. 

But guess what?

They got saved by JESUS! 

And Gabriel. Gabriel, Gabriel. Dropped quotes just like that. And killed a man. Thug life right there.

So they thought everything was over. But Michonne was right. Who was Negan?

Then a guy in a motorbike decided to flee, and they caught him, and a lady's voice came through the walkie-talkie. Oh no. 

They're trapped.

And once again, Maggie got captured (Governor days). And Carol.

Oh no.

Images belong to AMC.

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