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The Walking Dead Crazy Recap: East -- NEVER DO A MONOLOGUE

Monday, March 28, 2016Traveliztera

I made sure to be on time this time.

Only because this episode is very important in the history of "The Walking Dead".




If I have one advice for all these lovely THE WALKING DEAD characters, it would be, "Don't do monologues outside Alexandria!"

So we started off with scenes of just blood and voices in the background. And boy, was that the QUICKEST INTRO pre-opening credits ever?!? In my last entry, I was reacting on how long the intro was before the opening credits came in. But this one totally wins the shortest intro ever.

So Carol started packing for her journey to nowhere...

Yep. Survival pack that will get her through one day. Jokes. Nope. Not joking at all.

Then Tobin came upstairs to vent out about Denise and how she has always been there since the beginning. That she was quiet, and wasn't around much before Pete, but she finally found her voice...

And Carol just faded away. Probably guilty. Because she is leaving. And come on, this was the person she started to love. But yes, she can no longer kill. Apparently.

"Everything is gonna be okay." - Tobin
"Goodbye Tobin. I'll pretend I'm not leaving you, but I totally am, once you close your eyes tonight." - Carol
(No, she did not deliver these lines.)

So anyway, the day continued and we got a shower scene from Glenn and Maggie. What I like about it was that it wasn't sensual. It was actually sweet, and you can sense that Glenn really loves Maggie, and was reassuring her that he's always there for her. His gesture was sweet. 

That hug was reassuring. We all know that this is to highlight what Maggie is going through at the moment. I still love how their love continues to grow. They grew up together in this series. Haha!

Daryl is struggling. I can feel his guilt over Denise's death. He is probably thinking this was his fault. That if he did not let Dwight live, this could not have happened. He was seriously thinking hard, while holding that keychain.

He was Denise's "Dennis".

After seeing Carol and Tobin, and Glenn and Maggie, here's our next couple stop...

Sasha was giving in to her feelings for Abraham. They were changing shifts and she gave him his cigar. At first, she felt awkward because Rosita was just next to them. But she just continued on, and Abraham saw this:

Respect Rosita.

Wow! This "VALENTINE'S" season has too many couples. Then there's Richonne. First thing to do when you wake up is... eat an apple. Are you guys trying to be Adam and Eve or something? Lol.

Rick wants them to stay in bed for a little while, but Michonne knows she could not piss a pregnant Maggie! So she went off to their scheduled duties. But before she did, she told Rick that Maggie is worried about an attack. But Rick was confident about their people. That they were ready. That the world is theirs and they know how to take it.

"Everything we need is right here inside these walls. We're not losing any of it again. I'm not."

So Glenn, Maggie, and Michonne started hiding guns in the bins, so that this would be their advantage when the strangers come to attack them. Then they heard a motorbike going off. Oh no.

Rosita let him leave. He was on a mission.

But Glenn and Michonne were not going to let him go. So they took a vehicle to follow him. Abraham tried to stop them by delivering that classic Abe line.

He wants to come. But Rosita commanded him to stay. 

She knew where Daryl was going. She wanted to come.

While this was happening, Tobin told Rick that Carol left by giving him her letter. Rick wanted to find her. And then he heard the news that Daryl left too. Carol and Daryl. You two. You two keep running away.

This was the turning point of Rick and Morgan's relationship. Morgan was off to find her and Rick wants to come. I felt that at this point, this was also Rick's moment of dilemma. Such a challenge to be with Morgan, you know?

And remember how we heard Tobin complaining where the other car was? Well...

Carol is totally not attracting attention at all. At. All.

But of course... Saviors are everywhere. 

And they just started shooting at this ridiculous car with antennas. So much for the effort, Carol.

Carol went out and pretended to be "Nancy from Montclair." They did not believe her, of course. Especially Jiro, the Asian Joseph Gordon Levitt. 

Jiro is now telling her that they know she's from Alexandria.

At this point, I love how the shot is focusing on her rosary, but you do not see her hand. She's starting to hyperventilate, while holding on to this rosary. Just like in "The Same Boat".

She said no one has to get hurt. That it did not have to be that way. 

Now, I can sense her dilemma. She was holding on to her rosary tight. She was having some serious conflicts in her head. 

But they mocked her. And guess what? Just like in my last post, I guess I was right when I said she had something up her sleeves. LOL. Literally.

She surprised them with her hidden gun under her sleeves. Good job, Carol. I knew you'd get away. Your only enemy is your conscience.

Someone survived, but of course, you know Carol.

Anyway, at the beginning of this episode, I was thinking of Einid. I was like, "Wow, she has had a long break, huh?"

Then tadah!

She wanted to help out. She wanted to take Maggie's post. Such a sweet girl. She wanted Maggie to rest, because you know, she's preggers.

And then we now go to Morgan and Rick's car scene. The tension is high. Morgan is speaking as if she knew Carol, and Rick insisted that Morgan does not know Carol.

Rick asked Morgan why he was doing this, and Morgan explained he's not right and that there's no right. There's just the wrong that doesn't pull you down.

Rick was confident to say it hasn't pulled him down. But Morgan believes it will, because he knows Rick. Wow!!! Morgan knows everything. Morgan knows Carol and Rick so well! Hehehe.

The scene changed to the Saviors scene. Are they walkers yet? Haha.

One man survived and told Jiro a.k.a. Asian Joseph Gordon Lewitt  to just let go. Dude, he's suffering. Then he walked away.

So, Morgan and Rick arrived, and saw Jiro.

He went on to ask him where Carol was. 

Jiro: *struggling to talk* ... I -- *gets stabbed by Rick*

Dude, give the guy some time to talk. He was struggling, man.

Rick then said that he was proud of Carol. He was confident that she took them all down. Morgan likes to oppose Rick, aye?

Morgan said that Carol left because she can't anymore. He thinks Carol could not do this.

Rick defended by saying, "She could because she had to."

Exactly my point, Carol. You left because you no longer want to kill. But you still have to when you leave your walls. You will have no other choice, because you know that the Saviors are definitely out there and will be seeking revenge.

I think that she made a terrible mistake. She might as well have stayed with Rick and the crew to fulfill her purpose, rather than be out there, and just kill because she had to.

Morgan kept on going in opposing Rick. Haha. What a great day for Rick! Getting told off. Morgan believes that what happened when they planned to attack the Saviors was actually Rick not ending it, but actually starting something instead.

And Savior survivor (lol) took Carol's rosary. Noooo. Give it back!

So now, Rosita led Glenn and Michonne to where Denise died. You can see that she was really affected by it. And she knows how Daryl feels, that's why she said, 

"We should let him do this."

So foggy! Are they in Silent Hill now?!

Glenn thinks that Daryl doesn't know what he's doing, and that he is gonna get himself killed. 

Well, Rosita almost got hit by Daryl with his crossbow. How ironic. So that's how they found Daryl.

Daryl is angry because he believes that he should've stopped Dwight when they first met. The guilt is stronger now. He feels bad that he even helped Dwight back then and let him live.

Glenn reminded Daryl that Denise is gone. He then said, "You're doing this for you!"

Oh no. Here comes a monologue. I feel it. 

"It's gonna go wrong out here."

Yup. You are so right.

Michonne bargained with Daryl by saying that she promises to square it. 

"Just come back."

Daryl said he can't. And Rosita can't, either. So they both went off.

Glenn and Michonne headed back. But you know, Glenn felt like doing a monologue again. No, Glenn. Not you again.

"We just got stuck with each other. We were lucky. We figured it all out together. It felt like we did. After everything, we did."

Naw... For years, they have always done things together. But now, Daryl decided on his own. 

"The world's not what we thought it was."



Yep. They got surrounded again by the Saviors. By Dwight. Again. Stop having monologues out in the open, guys!!!

Now we're back to Morgan and Rick.

Morgan asked Rick why he was out there, looking for Carol, when he initially sent her away for killing two of their people. 

Rick said she was family, and that she was right. That if it happened today, he'd thank her. That she was right, because he would've killed them himself. 

Morgan now has a winning point. He reminded him that back then, Rick didn't kill her. He sent her away, and she came back and saved them all.

"People can come back, Rick." 

As walkers. Joke. Speaking of walkers... 

FAR OUT. These two. Lol. They had a panic attack, when they found a walker who looked like Carol.

Whoops. False alarm.

They found someone in the barn. Apparently, he's just looking for his horse. And Rick was going to shoot him, when he ran away upon the walkers' arrival, and Morgan stopped him. Rick still saved him from a walker despite the annoyance.

Now there's tension.

Morgan insisted that the guy might be from Hilltop. That he was just looking for his horse.

Rick said, "I don't take chances anymore."

Conflicting philosophies.

Morgan is now ready to deliver a monologue. Out in the open. I hope he's okay after this. Lol.

So he went on to confess that he kept one of the Wolves in a cell. He could've killed him, but he let him live. Denise chose to help this guy, but he took her as a hostage. However, when the walkers started surrounding them, he saved Denise. 

He believes that all life is precious. That all can change. It's all a circle.

"Everything gets a return."

Karma. Circle of Life. Simba. I feel like I'm listening to Rafiki.

"You go home, Rick. You take the car. You're needed back there. You shouldn't be out here taking any more chances."

He promised to find Carol.

At this point, I feel like something stirred Rick's mind. That he was awakened to what Morgan was trying to say.

"You are coming back."- Rick
"Yeah. But if I don't, don't come looking."-Morgan

This was a sad scene. They seemed to have finally reconciled. Rick seemed to be more open and accepting.

There was silence.

That was scary.

Is Morgan gonna get shot? See?! Now I'm paranoid ever since Denise happened. Lol.

Rick broke the silence, "Michonne did steal that protein bar."

Best. Line. Ever.

So Rick and Abraham finally had a conversation. He asked if Rick was afraid to go back to it. To let somebody close. They both said yes. But Abraham thinks he's readier this time.

Maggie then called Einid through Scott. Apparently, it's for a special task.

Ahhh. A haircut. That short!?! Me and Einid are both asking "Why!?" 

It's shorter than her shortest hair in this series.

Haircuts mean a lot to girls. They signify something.

"I have to keep going. And I don't want anything to get in my way."

We can all take this literally. But I'm pretty sure that she was trying to say something else. This reminds me of Mulan.  She's off to battle!

 *"Reflection" from Mulan please*

And then that strong pain happened. Even I felt it. Thanks to the background music/effect.

Now, this is either a miscarriage, or one of those extreme pains that would probably push Maggie to go find the doctor in Hilltop, because obviously, Doc Denise is gone.

Glenn and Michonne were captured. Oh no. But guess who are coming to their rescue?

Daryl and Rosita. 

However, the Saviors are very good in hiding behind trees, as we have seen earlier on. So, I know that this is a very nerve-racking situation.

Glenn started to warn Daryl. Because...

And now, get ready for that terrible feeling we have all been trying to deny...

Because Daryl... 

...was apparently shot.

So now, we are back to the Glenn denial mode.

Were there bins around? (lol)

Is Carol going to save them again?

How is Daryl going to survive this?

I feel that people aren't that affected right now, thanks to what they did to Glenn's "death". But I have a feeling that we will really lose Daryl. Just wait and see. I guess. Let's start to accept this.

And as for Carol...

She keeps disappearing when the season is about to finish.

Again, we'll see.

Credits: Images belong to AMC.

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