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Walking Dead: No Way Out -- An Episode of Finding a Way Out

Tuesday, February 16, 2016Traveliztera

"Faith without works is dead." James 2:26

This is the quote we saw at the church, which Enid was looking at. It sums up what we are about to realize from this episode.


The whole theme of Season 6 Episode 9: No Way Out, was basically the opposite of the episode title.

Sure, the episode had a rough start--except for a hint that miracles were about to happen, when Sasha and Abraham almost got killed by Negan's crew, but Daryl saved them.

Then we had an emotional rollercoaster ride. We all knew what was coming for Sam. And the chain of events that followed. It was a very sad start. Rick lost Jessie (this was too sad for a Valentine's Day episode). And Carl got shot. Again. And Ron had to die.

And then we had a series of miracles and possibilities that followed.

Rick almost got killed by Ron, but Michonne had to do the unthinkable and saved Rick, in exchange for Carl's eye.

CREDIT: AMC The Walking Dead

We had Denise surviving, thanks to the Wolf she was trying to save. There was a spark of change in him even just for a second. Until Carol had to kill him. But we saw how Carol may have realized that maybe--just maybe-- there was a change in him. That short pause from her said a lot.

We had Maggie looking hopeless on the platform that was about to give up, when Glenn and Enid came to rescue her at the right time.

Glenn almost died. AGAIN. But he got saved by Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl.

Rick released his frustration by just getting out there on his own and started killing walkers off. But Gabriel was right. God was saving them by giving them the courage to save Alexandria. And all the remaining people who once hid in fear from this kind of battle, finally came out and helped make a stand.

The turn of events on how they were able to defeat the walkers was strongly executed. It was moving and I had goosebumps. Did you?

The episode ended with hope and possibilities. Again, faith without works is dead. And they worked on it. They fought for Alexandria. 

CREDIT: AMC The Walking Dead

And Rick's last few statements to Carl at how he saw that these people are finally showing what they are capable of, how Deanna's plans can actually work, and how there's still hope? That scene was truly moving.

And of course, the episode ended with the final miracle-- Carl surviving even with just one eye. 

This episode is just too inspirational. The most moving episode I've ever seen in terms of dealing with life. I love its theme. Perfect for a premiere. It touches the heart and is just full of wisdom. 

Now it's time to take a stand and rebuild what was broken...

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