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Walking Dead: 'Knots Untie' Like What? (Recap)

Monday, February 29, 2016Traveliztera

The Walking Dead is getting too romantic. But I find it cute and sad at the same time. In other news, we're getting a glimpse of how things worked out in the good ol' days, and how they're heading down the same ol' path.


So we started with a hint of Abraham's potential future lovelife. After RICHONNE, looks like a Sasham (LOL) is about to happen.

To be honest, my feelings are mixed. Because obviously, we all know that Rosita loves him so much. But the way they got portrayed in this show was, well, they were more of like friends with benefits. 

The romance did not bloom in a way that would make you go "awww" for them the way you'd go "awwww" for Rick and Michonne.

The thing is... I did feel sad for Rosita. Because we saw how she has been concerned about Abraham in the last few episodes. Although I had a feeling that Abraham was starting to like Sasha when they got stranded together, so, yeah.

Anyway, that's all. I just felt bad for Rosita. Especially when she got him that necklace. But everything revolving that scene has all been sensual. So I can't go "awww" the way I did when Rick got Michonne something as simple as candies.

So... chemistry-wise? Well... I have mixed emotions. Haha!

Cut to the scene where Denise and Abraham discovered that Jesus was missing. 

Then Carl caught Jesus at their house. 

And what an awkward way of knowing he's got a new mom, aye?

Oops. Awkward. Even Glenn got distracted.

Anyway, Jesus proposed something we all may have learned about from our history books. How the world's first communities evolved...

You know... 


Just like the good ol' days. 

Trading. Negotiating between two communities/kingdoms/states/countries.

So they ended up going to Jesus' community-- Hilltop.

But before that, they had to rescue some of Jesus' friends. 

Now Abraham almost killed the injured man from Jesus' team. And then the injured man mentioned how he saw his wife there when he thought he was gonna be gone. This is going to be vital for Abraham.

So they got to Hilltop, where they met their boss, Gregory. And they started negotiations through the budding leader, Maggie.

Gregory wanted Rick's people to work in his community as an exchange for supplies.

Maggie did not want to do this.

Then we were given an idea about what Negan is all about, when one of their own people gave Gregory a message from Negan. Yep. Gregory got stabbed.

Which of course, ended up with Rick's team winning the scene.

Now the highlight is...


How cute was that!? I mean. Well, it was bloody. Sorry. 

But when TEAM RICHONNE just teamed up to get that final kill? And when that lady hit Rick, and Michonne totally got on defense mode as if she's telling her "DON'T EVEN TRY!!!"??? 



I love this loveteam. How sweet were they!?!??!?!?!?! Okay. Enough fangirling.

Anyway, here comes Abraham's turning point. 


Like the injured man earlier on, Abraham heard a voice. Nope. Not Rosita.


And when he stood up, the necklace got left behind. 

How sad was that!? Then again, their relationship did not really get focused on as something sweet in this series. So, I'll go for true love: Sasha.

And Jesus. Jesus is starting to be like Jesus.

So we found out about Negan and his ways. He is like the conqueror in the old days. But this one's a scary conqueror. He has total control of this community. It reminds me of A Bug's Life. You guys know Hopper? You know, they won't kill them as long as they give them supplies?

CREDITS: Pixar and Disney.
This then became Maggie's leverage.

They found out that the community could not fight. And that Negan was a big troublemaker. So the deal was for Rick's team to kill Negan, and then they get half of Hilltop's supplies.

At first, Gregory thought he was winning because he got them to work for him. But Maggie made sure she had the leverage.

 Good job, Maggie!

Here comes the war of the kingdoms.

We then get a scene wherein an ultrasound of Maggie's baby was being passed around. We saw the reaction on Michonne and Daryl's faces. But Abraham had that look on his face. That he wants something real like this. 

Yep. Sasha it is. He has decided. He looks settled.

(For a minute there, I thought the baby was a zombie, thanks to the creepy music played while the ultrasound photo was being passed around.)

And off to Negaland they go.

But one question remains...

Has Gabriel met Jesus yet!?

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