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THROWBACK REKLAMO #1: That Ms. Nurse Sunget

Thursday, February 04, 2016Traveliztera

This random idea came up in my head after reading continuous complaints on my newsfeed about people, events, services, etc. 

Some are funny. Some are annoying. And some are just really interesting. Thus, I started thinking about any of my complaints about similar incidents, and realized that I do have some, but they were from my past, and now I find them funnier, especially at how dramatic I thought it used to be. 

So, I present to you, THROWBACK REKLAMO!

Reklamos that are too funny to even be posted during these days as serious reklamos.

Being a nurse myself, I am now looking back at a service I received when I was young. I was with my friend, when I felt a "plop" on my head.

By reflex, my hand lunged to my head to take it off. 

Then I felt this strong stingy feeling on my finger. 

I looked.

I got stung by a bee. 

IT WAS A FRIGGIN' BEE WHO DECIDED TO STAY ON MY HEAD. Not a bird's poop. And how I wish it was a bird poop instead of a bee. But noooo. IT WAS A BEE.

When I was young, I usually get paranoid and I really really get scared easily. So yes, I panicked. But my friend, in her squeaky childish voice, told me, "Look, it's just a sting."

She tried to calm me down. I didn't cry. But I was anxious. I delayed it. But I still felt the sting. And I knew at that age that a bee sting isn't really something you should ignore.

So I got it checked.

And when I got it checked out by a nurse, she gave me a look and shouted, "Sus! WALA YAN!!! Eto betadine! (That's nothing. Here's betadine!)" 

HWAW naman. Ms. Nurse Sunget! Haha! But come on! I was young. You don't shout at scared people like that! Tsaka duhhh... Pa'no kung nagka-reaction ako! Sunget mo!!! Hahaha! Joke lang.

I kept quiet, and just accepted the betadine.

I didn't tell my mom because I know she will defend me big time, and I hate confrontations. LOL. So, I decided to keep it in my memory up to this day.

So mom, if you see this, it's too late to find that sunget nurse. Hahaha! And to that sunget nurse, ikaw na endorser ng betadine! Haha! Seriously speaking though... To Ms. Nurse Sunget, I hope you're nicer and more sincere now. Wahehehe! Funny lang. Ms. Minchin ng mga nurses.

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