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The Walking Dead: "The Next World" and My Crazy Reaction Recap

Tuesday, February 23, 2016Traveliztera

One word: FINALLY!!!

I think I had the funniest reaction to this episode's ending. I was just all "AAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHH!!! YES!!!" 

So yes guys, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

First of all, I was so scared for Daryl. I'm watching him now. Watching him closely. So when they met "Jesus", I wanted to pull Rick aside and tell him to just listen to Daryl. JUST LISTEN TO DARYL!!! Haha!

Of course, the chase after the truck and the found goodies based on the Law of Averages (thanks to Eugene), has been, well... "The Law of Averages". 

They ended up losing the whole truck, but hey, THEY GOT JESUS!

I still think it was very sweet of Doc Denise for wanting to surprise Tara with a soda. It seemed simple, but in a world where everything that was once taken for granted has become a rare find, it was indeed something that means the world to them.

Anyway, I am not gonna make this post long. 

Next stop for "THE FEELS" would be Spencer. I was trying so hard to figure out what the shovel was for. Was he preparing for his own death? Was he finding someone to bury?  Michonne likes to follow, so she followed.

Then Carl and Enid had their first mini LQ (lovers' quarrel) over Enid not wanting to be out there (when back then, she couldn't stand being inside Alexandria). It may look like a shallow fight to some, but there is a deep meaning to it.

And that's when I figured out why Spencer was out there. When a walker was walking past them and Enid & (mainly) Carl were trying to kill it, they stopped. Something was stopping them. This must be someone they really knew well. Was it Ron? Or was it...?

Then of course, cut to Spencer and Michonne. When Spencer said Michonne could not help him, I started thinking of the possibilities. And Carl was running, most likely leading this walker to them because Carl saw them too, and here came the blurry scene of the walker.

Yes. Deanna. 

He needed a closure.

This was his closure.

It was a very moving scene. ='(

I had "the feels". It was good to see Deanna again though.

Then we go back to Carl and Michonne confronting each other about what happened out there in the woods.

And Carl gave the most moving line. That he'd do the same for Michonne because she was family. And just like that, I wanted Michonne to be his mom. LOL.

Which... of course... 


When Michonne and Rick were together on the couch? I can feel the closeness. The fact that Rick brought her home some spearmint candies? Smooth. Simple and sweet.

I was really hoping they'd hold hands or something. 

WHOA. They just did.

And I was hoping they'd be closer--

OH. Woah. Too close. 

Oh. Okay, okay. That was quick.

They got really close. 




After all these years. It has finally come into reality. Well in the show I mean.

But yes! *butterflies*

So yeah, of course, someone had to be a party killer. 


All photos are from AMC

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