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Shinka Salon Gave Me Short 'Amor Powers Bob Curly Hair' with Balayage

Sunday, December 13, 2015Traveliztera

Chopping your hair off can sometimes be drastic and really scary to do. I remember chopping my hair off in 2012, and I regretted it within minutes. It took me a year to grow my hair back to how I wanted it. 

This time around, a person inspired me to love short hair for a change. That's Ms. Amor Powers.

Credit: ABS-CBN

Credit: ABS-CBN

If you're not residing in the Philippines, Ms. Amor Powers is a character played by Jodi Sta. Maria in a remake of the classic Filipino Teleserye, "Pangako Sa'Yo". Her character is fierce and I must admire Jodi for giving justice to this character. It was once played by Eula Valdez, who also brought this character justice, and she was very memorable in portraying Amor. 

This year, as Jodi embodies Amor Powers, I must say that she definitely made us all root for her and love her. I love her and she should really win "Best Actress of the Year". I never saw Jodi portray a very difficult and strong character, so yes, I applaud you Ms. Jodi. AND, of course, you are owning your short hair well!

Anyway, as I have mentioned, Amor Powers inspired me to love my new short hair. 

What better way to have it than to make sure you go to the right place.


Shinka is this salon I stumbled upon while I was Googling for hair salons. I've never been to a Japanese salon, so I wanted to try this for a change. 

I booked an appointment for a trim 3 months ago, and asked for any stylist, and I was so glad I met Mika.


It has been years since I had a hairstylist whom I considered someone I can trust. Usually, I come in, get it done with whoever is available, then that's it.

But here, you get to easily know and establish a good relationship with their staff, and that's what I truly love. 

Shinka has the feeling of true Japanese hospitality, and I felt pampered even though I was just sitting and waiting for my turn. And can I say that they are exactly on time? I'm a time freak, so I loved that.

Anyway, I've been going to this salon for hair treatment. My haircut with them was mostly for my fringe, and a little trim here and there. I would ask for my hair to be blowdried so that it would be straight, just so I can sport this temporary straight hair look (as per first photo).

But yesterday, I decided to go have a major change.

I'm naturally curly, so I missed the effect it does when I have short hair. I also wanted a balayage. 

So Mika told me she will try her best. 

And I loved it.

We started at 12:30 PM and we finished at 3:30 PM, and within 3 hours, I had my haircut, bleach, hair colour, and hair treatment. Overall, I paid around $250, which I think is okay when you live in Sydney. Plus, if you become a member, you get discounts. Good perks! ;) Tell them I recommended you to them, and you'll get extra benefits.

Check out the pretty colour!

Straight versus Curly Version

Anyway, alongside Mika, some of her team assisted her in the process, and all of them did pretty well! 

So yes, I am happy with my Amor Powers look (lol), and Mika and her team definitely made it happen for me! I am totally recommending this salon.

Check out the cozy interior! 


 If you live in Sydney, Australia, visit Shinka! They have two salons here in Sydney.

1. Clarence Street
289 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

2. Galeries Victoria
Level 2, The Galeries
500 George St.
Sydney NSW Australia

They also have two salons in Japan.

For more information, check out their page:

For prices, check this link out:

Shinka, thanks for being such a trustworthy place. I love your team so much! Good job!

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