[VIDEO] Lost Stars by Keira Knightley Cover & Interpretation

Thursday, September 03, 2015Traveliztera

I haven't been singing for a year due to me being busy at work (not really an excuse, I know), but I got inspired to sing this sad but beautiful song from the movie, "Begin Again", which stars Keira Knightley, Adam Levine, and Mark Ruffalo.

The song is very deep and moving, and has a lot of interpretations. For me, it is all about love and life itself. Our purpose in this world. 

I feel like there are two stories in this song, which can be the cause of so many interpretations out there. Then again, we can all interpret things differently, but here is mine.

There is this couple. They started out as perfect. They totally believed they can make it no matter what tomorrow brought them. They believed that they were meant to be. Then something changed. They started to question things and were struggling to work things out between them. They started to feel lost. They are now in tears. Will they compromise to be together again?

And then it goes on to questioning one's purpose. It must have been an extension of questions. A self-reflection. A mentioning of faith and beliefs that may turn into reality, as well as questions about youth being wasted. This may be the romance that happened in the past that was thought of as a waste. It may also be something else. But it all comes down to questions. Do we keep running away? Or should we face what we have to face, and find who we are and what was meant for us?

How about you? What's your interpretation?

Here's my cover:

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