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Manic Panic Blonde Toner DIY

Saturday, July 11, 2015Traveliztera

I usually tone my brassy or yellow or orange hair with a ready-made blonde toner or a shampoo, but the result wasn't that noticeable until after a few more applications/washes.

I wanted something instant and with solid results.

So my friend, Sheereeza, told me to use Manic Panic Ultra Violet and a conditioner to tone my hair. I researched on this and found instructions through Bells for Owls' blog.

For this DIY Blonde Toner, we are using:

  1. Manic Panic
  2. White conditioner (I'm using L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect)
  3. A mixing bowl
  4. A brush applicator
Now the ratio is a bit tricky. Some had to do a trial and error, but you have to gradually add the purple dye and test it, to avoid saturating your hair and turn it into purple. 

I played safe, so I only added the purple dye to make the mixture pale purple. In Bells for Owls' post, she made the shade darker by adding more dye, since she thinks it worked well for her. And it did.

I think I'll do that next time because I don't think I toned my hair enough. 

Anyway, I applied it to my hair and placed my hair in a shower cap. I left it in for 40 minutes. 

The results?



More ashy than before!

Overall, it was a good experience. Plus, my hair was super soft and well conditioned afterwards!

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