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How To Open A Jar That Is Giving You A Hard Time

Sunday, May 24, 2015Traveliztera

Okay, I almost gave up on opening the jar I've been trying to open for a week now. I tried all methods. 

Not mine. This belongs to RMHowTo

I used all my strength.

I used the rubber band trick wherein I have to put the band around the lid to create a grip when turning the jar.

I placed the top part of the jar in hot water.

I used my hairdryer.

I placed it in the fridge, hoping someone would find it and try to open it.

Anyway, guess what!?

I decided to google and look for a How To video!


Then I tasted the dip. It was yucky. =( 

Anyway! It's okay! It's a lesson for next time!!!

So here you go guys! I hope I saved your life too!


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