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Sam Smith Sydney Australia Tour 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015Traveliztera

April 27, 2015 was the first day of Sam Smith's Sydney Tour.

I went out with my work friends (Queenie & Suzy), as well as Suzy's friends (Mariz, MJ, & Anj). At the carpark, we bumped into Sheereeza and her friends, Aimee, Nate, and Reg.

The concert was simple. No backdrops. No props. Just the stage, lights, screens, the band, the backup singers, and Sam Smith.

I am not complaining about the simplicity of this concert. I am amazed and grateful it was minimal, because we got to focus on the talent on the stage. 

No unnecessary distractions. Just talent.

Sam Smith performed very well. He has a clean, strong, and powerful voice that I told my friends that I cannot believe he planned to do two nights straight in Sydney, especially at the amount of his vocal effort.

Sadly, his second night on Sydney, as well as the rest of his tour dates in Australia, got cancelled due to a small haemorrhage on his vocal chords. This was a sad moment for Sam Smith and his Aussie fans. 

But all I can say is, he used his talent well. He was true, pure, and perfect in performing live. 

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