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[VIDEO] Giant Human-Powered Theme Park

Tuesday, April 07, 2015Traveliztera

Somewhere in Dolomites (about 1 hour north of Venice) is a restaurant called Ai Piopi, where you will find a human-powered theme park playground, created by a man named Bruno.

This theme park is free to anyone who eats at the said restaurant.

In this theme park, you are definitely the main source of your excitement and happiness. You are the power of these rides.

It's like you're working out and burning those calories off while enjoying the rides!

Check out this short video made by Tom Scott from Youtube:

For more info:
Ai Pioppi - / Via VIII Armata, 76, Nervesa della Battaglia TV, Italy
Tom Scott -

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  1. That sounds scaryyyy.. but interesting! :)


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