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When "The Walking Dead" Meets "Love Actually"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015Traveliztera

Is it just me, or did most of you feel that Rick a.k.a. Andrew Lincoln a.k.a. Mark in Love Actually, totally got that Love Actually moment in last night's The Walking Dead Episode, "Forget"?

So what do Rick and Mark have in common, aside from being both played by Andrew Lincoln?

1) Clean face. Sorta slicked back hair.

Well we all know that Rick always had that look since the start, which already reminded us of him being Mark in Love Actually, but we got soooo used to his facial hair, that we forgot how he was once a Mark. Nonetheless, this look plus all the other scenes in this episode, made a perfect combo to reminisce Mark and the Love Actually days.

2) Fell in love with a committed/married woman and got to kiss her.

After that Lori & Shane incident, you wouldn't have thought this would happen. That Rick can do this. But he can. And he did. And he got a kiss, just like his Mark days.

And it pays tribute to when Mark fell in love with his best friend's girlfriend/wife in Love Actually. (Actually, if you look back to the love triangle of Rick, Shane, and Lori, Shane would have been Mark, falling in love with his bestfriend's wife.)

However, the difference was, Rick was more REBELLIOUS. He fell in love in a few days, and even knew she was married, but still initiated a meaningful kiss (even though it's just on the cheek). Mark, on the other hand, has been in love with Juliet since before she got married. And Juliet initiated the kiss. Sad. 

Rick, I guess, is gonna have a happier ending with his assertiveness. LOL.

3) Walked away on the street, after a short interaction with the woman he is attracted to.

Ah yes. That walking away scene with the girl in the background. The only difference is, Rick reached for his gun, while Mark said, "Enough." 

Good on ya, Mark!


As you can see, they had similarities with the scenes, but Rick is definitely scarier than Mark.

Did you find anything else? 

Anyway, last night's episode was very...  disturbing. I will review that in another post, just so the spoilers aren't full on in this post!

See ya guys later!

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