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The Walking Dead Episode 12 "Remember" - Season 5 (SPOILERS)

Monday, March 02, 2015Traveliztera

I've never been this excited in seeing someone go through a haircut in a TV SHOW.


I know that some mourned over seeing Rick shave his beard, plus receiving a free haircut from a pretty lady, who has a grumpy husband. But the first thing that went inside my head when he found the razor was: "SHAVE YOUR BEARD AND CUT YOUR HAIR!!!". I missed the Season 1 Rick look.

Anyway, if I was part of the group, I would have been really paranoid too. It's all too good to be true. But I feel like this community seems sincere, and if I were to predict where the conflict will arise (since we have been used to the fact that nothing ever goes smooth in the series), I think it will be relying on when Rick and his group decide to take over the community (which surprisingly, Rick hinted on at the end of the episode... YES! Was my prediction correct?!). 

I used to read the comics, but stopped, just so I would enjoy predicting the TV series. But somehow, I got to predict some decisions in the plot, thanks to THE WALKING DEAD game. But that's about it. So to the COMIC BOOK readers who want to contradict my prediction, please don't spoil me. Haha!

So how do I feel about this episode? It was nostalgic. 

Rick in a uniform again? 

Carol being all housewifey? 


Well Daryl is still Daryl. He has been pretty consistent with his look since the start though, with the bonus point of having his hair longer.

I feel, though, that the transition to such a peaceful place for them, would somehow bore them. That somehow, they are missing the uncertainties, even though they should be thankful for this newfound home. I don't know. I mean come on. It's like culture shock. You lived like that for a long time, and getting that taken away from you all of a sudden is a bit, well, shocking, and you tend to long for the action and paranoia that you got used to. That's where they were comfortable with. 

But I am still happy they are safe. 

By the way, I laughed at Carol and her interview with Deanna. If only Deanna knew how much she has done behind the housewife role she acted out. It's cute though. Cute how she pretended to be a nicey-nice innocent lady, who can't carry that big machine gun, while smiling all the time. Smart.

And when Tara, Glenn, and Noah had to go with that Supply Run group? Man. Nasty walker. You can't even hold on to that kind of walker. And yeah, they are definitely weak. They need people like Glenn. He did well on fighting back.

Also, gotta love how Carl just assumed that his girl counterpart, Enid, doesn't like him by telling her straight off, "You don't like me, do you?" Why did you just shoot your chances down, mate? Haha.

So some questions still remain...





How did you feel about this episode? And what do you think is going to happen?

** CREDITS: All screenshots were taken from AMC's The Walking Dead.

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  1. Best. Episode. Ever :) It just didn't have the typical "action" that every good episode had in the past. This was the episode that they have been building to for so many years!

  2. I wasn't able to watch the whole episode, missed the first part actually and when I saw Rick with shorter hair and clean faces, I screamed in excitement and my kids laughed at me. Nice that ou brought up those questions, we also were asking the same things...


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