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When Zombies Arrive: #2 The Place I'm In (When Zombies Arrive Series)

Saturday, May 03, 2014Traveliztera

Have you ever thought of the place where you will most likely be at when the zombies arrive?

In 2008, when I was a nursing student in the Philippines, I remember how during one of our night shifts, me and Dom (my groupmate and friend) suddenly talked about zombies. 

I asked her, "What if zombies start to attack us here-- where will you run?"

We looked around the ward, and it is obvious that hospitals are most likely going to be the hotspot for the infection.

It will be tricky. 

Just imagine Rick (The Walking Dead) walking out from the hospital. He just got lucky that he was locked in and survived.

Screenshot from AMC's THE WALKING DEAD Episode 1

Anyway, I said, I was gonna run towards the fire exit. LOL. Well, that was the nearest exit that time. 

Then just imagine how overpopulated Manila is. 

I may have survived the hospital, but once I leave the hospital, the crowd will be worse than a sale event at SM Malls. HAHAHA.

And now, my workplace is at a hospital. I guess this is the place where I will be in during a zombie apocalypse. Lol.

How about you? 

Where do you think you will be at when the zombies arrive? :P

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