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Our Cover of Miss Saigon's "I Still Believe"

Saturday, May 17, 2014Traveliztera

With London setting off with their Miss Saigon production, I guess it's time to celebrate with the Miss Saigon love through this duet I did with my good friend from college, Ate Charmaine.

Last year, we decided to finally continue our plan of singing a Miss Saigon song, despite the fact that we both live far from each other. 

I am currently in Australia, and Ate Charmaine is in the Philippines. Basically, I decided to just edit our song tracks and videos, and here is the result!

The song we chose is "I Still Believe", which is a duet of Kim and Ellen. The version we sang was the one wherein Kim was played by Miss Lea Salonga, and Ellen was played by Claire Moore.

In this video, Ate Charmaine is singing Kim's part, and I am singing Ellen's part.


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