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Wowie de Guzman's Wife Passed Away 1 Month After Childbirth

Wednesday, April 30, 2014Traveliztera

A heartbreaking news I read yesterday... 

Wowie's wife, Sheryl Ann Reyes, died a month after the birth of their first child. She was 26 years old.

SOURCE: Reflexion's Studio

If you have been reading some of my posts about love team and the likes, you may have noticed that I was a huge fan of Wowie de Guzman back in the 90s, when I was probably 6 years old. I followed his films and TV shows, and our kasambahay would buy me text cards with him and Juday as the design. Yes, I was truly a fan girl back then.

So when I read what Wowie had to go through, and be a witness to his loss, I couldn't help but get teary.

Screenshot from ABS-CBN News

According to Wowie's interview with ABS-CBN news, this was what happened:

"Sobrang bilis talaga, eh. Wala, hindi namin alam kung ano'ng nangyari. Wala, natutulog lang kami talaga tapos tumayo lang siya, pumunta sa CR, umihi, tapos bumalik para matulog ulit. Bago siya matulog, uminom siya, parang muscle pain reliever.
(It was really fast. We don't know what happened. We were just sleeping, and then she stood up, went to the toilet to void, then went back to sleep again. Before she slept, she drank something like a muscle pain reliever.)

"Humiga siya, kasi may parang rayuma siya or arthritis. Pag higa niya, 'yun lang, para siyang nag-choke. Tapos pagpunta ko sa kanya, nag-dilate na 'yung mata niya, nanigas na 'yung mga ganito niya (fingers). Tinry kong i-mouth-to-mouth. Kaya lang, wala talaga, eh.
(She laid back on the bed, because she has arthritis. When she laid back, it suddenly seemed like she was choking. When I went to her, her eyes were already dilated, and her fingers started to stiffen. I tried giving her mouth-to-mouth. But, nothing happened.)

Sheryl was rushed to the hospital, and Wowie kept begging the hospital staff to try their best. However, there was nothing that can be done further. 

What made me get more teary was when he broke down, and hoped it was all just a scene from his movie, or that he was just dreaming. He hoped that when he goes home, his wife is there, just like when he goes home after his tapings. 

Despite all these, he is  trying to draw strength from their daughter, as well as from the good memories that Sheryl has left them with. 

Though we know it is a difficult phase, we still do not know the amount of pain and sadness that Sheryl's family has to go through. I pray that God will give them the strength to face this loss, and I pray for Sheryl's soul to rest in peace.

(View the report on ABS-CBN News by clicking here.)


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