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The Face Shop Aqua UV Color Control CC Cream (Face It) - 01 Radiant Beige

Saturday, April 19, 2014Traveliztera

I have never been interested in BB (blemish balm) or CC (colour control) Creams, because I have never really appreciated their wonders, despite trying a BB cream on a few years ago. Maybe it was because of the fact that I chose a brand that did not deliver well, so I didn't see some awesome results.

A month ago, I was my friend's bridesmaid, and she married a wonderful Korean gentleman. Her Korean friend, who was her Maid of Honour, booked our makeup appointment at Kim Sun Young, which happened to be my favorite hair salon here in Sydney.

Though I can do my own makeup, I wasn't that confident that it will be perfect for a wedding day. I decided to try and see how it will be done by a Korean makeup artist. 

She applied a primer, and then a cream that made my face go really white. At this point, I was panicking deep inside. I've had bad experiences from other makeup artists a few years ago, wherein they applied a really light foundation, and when I got photographed, it was really obvious how unnatural my look was.

Anyway, everything went well, and the end result was amazing. It turned out that she used a BB cream after that primer, and then a loose powder foundation after the BB cream.

The Maid of Honour and the Bridesmaid

A week later, I decided to go to The Face Shop store in Sydney CBD to buy a BB Cream. I ended up buying a CC Cream instead, due to my curiosity. 



The packaging was unique. It was in the usual compact face powder packaging, but instead of a pressed powder inside, you will find a button. The button basically dispenses the product from the middle. 

You also have a sponge that perfectly distributes the product on your face, and a mirror for convenience.


I decided to get 01 Radiant Beige, and it is lighter than 02 Natural Beige. The reason why I chose this shade is because I like its "radiant" dewy effect. 

The product on my bare face. See how it illuminates my skin? I know it's super light, but this is just a base for my foundation which perfectly matches my skin.

You only need to do 1 - 2 pumps of the product, and even with just a small amount, surprisingly, it can cover my whole face well. 

The product has a really gentle and calming smell, which basically is a good start when you're doing your makeup before work. You need that extra pamper (yes, the smell does it well for me lol). 

Speaking of pampering, the product has ice flower water that cools the skin. The smell and the skin effect did wonders for me.

This product is really good as a base before your foundation (whether liquid or powder). It basically creates a clean slate for your other makeup products to show better.

In addition, the product claims to "keep the makeup on even from sebum and sweat". I would have to agree with that. After work, my makeup is still intact.

Lastly, the product has SPF 50+, which is a good feature for the ladies who are into UV protection.


I highly recommend The Face Shop's Face It Aqua UV Color Control CC Cream

It works well when used before foundation as it effectively locks in your makeup for hours. It also illuminates your face to give you that fresh and brightened look. 

Additionally, you get the benefits of getting pampered by the smell and its cooling effect, as well as getting protected from the sun by its powerful SPF formula.

This is definitely my favourite product at the moment!

If you have questions about this product, let me know through the comment section below! 

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  1. Yeas, I never understand BB creams nor CC cream myself too; good post;p


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