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A Heartbreaking & Heartwarming Moment as a Nurse

Saturday, April 26, 2014Traveliztera

A touching and unexpected moment today... 

I was walking through a mall's crowd when some people blocked my way and another old lady's way at the other side. 

When my way was cleared, I gave way for her to move but she did not move. Instead, she hugged and kissed me on my cheek, and held my hand and asked how I was. Her face was so familiar and I realised she was the wife of my patient who passed away last year. 

I said I'm okay and asked her back, and she couldn't hold her tears and hugged me in the middle of the crowd, saying she misses her husband so much. Despite this, she is very thankful for what our ward did to support her even months after she lost her husband. To my teammates who are reading this, she also wanted to extend her gratitude to you guys for taking good care of them, and for the card you sent her. 

I knew how much she loved her husband because when they heard the news that he was dying, I saw a very heartbreaking scene--the husband was sitting on the edge of his bed, hugging his wife who was standing up and wrapping him in her arms as they cried together. The husband's helplessness as he held his wife tightly, with a cry that reminded me of a kid asking for his mother's protection, truly shattered me deep inside. They were memorable, and I am truly sad for her loss... 

A scene that was similar to what I saw...
Photo from Kairi_Star_album on Photobucket

On the other hand, I am happy to know that she was given an amazing support by the Palliative Care team even after everything she's been through. Her smile when she left made me happy somehow. 

This is one of the reasons why I love being a nurse. The small things we do during each shift actually makes a big impact to other people's lives... 

After the heartbreaks, heartwarming experiences follow, knowing you were able to give your patients the care and support that they needed.

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  1. You're an amazing nurse and more importantly, an amazing person! That scene you described is so sad! =(

  2. that is so sweet! I'm sure you're one awesome nurse! and your patients are glad to have you. keep it up!

  3. Thank you so much... I just really want to at least make a difference in someone else's life...

    It is truly a bittersweet story... :(

  4. Aw thanks so much... I am trying my best to give the best care and see them happy... *hugs*


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