God Made Me Wait... A Glimpse of My 2013 that Prepared Me for 2014

Wednesday, January 01, 2014Traveliztera

2014 is finally in!

I must say that 2013, like all other years, was filled with challenges and achievements.

Whatever downs I may have, the reason why they were there was quickly answered within the same year.

As some of you may have known, in 2009, I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Nursing degree, and passed the Board Exams, receiving the Philippine Registered Nurse addition to my name.

In 2010, I decided to go to Sydney, Australia, and study at a university for two years, to be able to get registered as a nurse.

January 2011, I started my studies, while working as an Undergraduate Nurse, and finished in December 2012.

Before 2012 ended, I applied for work through a New Graduate Registered Nurse program at the hospital where I was working as an Undergraduate Nurse, so that when I get my registration in 2013, I will have a job. Sadly, there were too many of us who applied, and I was on a waiting list. The recruitment team of the hospital told me not to count on it, since there were too many of us on the waiting list. 

2013 came in. 

The last selfie for the year 2013.

January -- Had a great new year celebration in the Philippines with my family. I also received my Registered Nurse status here in Australia.

February -- Celebrated my birthday with my amazing friends and second family (my cousin & her family).

March -- Started looking and applying for jobs. Student Visa ended. Applied for my Graduate Visa.

April -- Almost received a job offer, but they realised I was a new graduate, so they couldn't give it to me. Made me sad. Continued applying for jobs. It was so difficult to apply since I was a new graduate. Most job opportunities were for those who had at least a year of experience. I had zero years of experience, plus I was holding a temporary visa. The competition was tough. The good news was--I passed my practical driving test! I got my full driving licence! 

May -- Officially graduated. My parents came here to Australia and attended my graduation ceremony. Got a car so that it is easier to go to and from my future work. Continued applying for jobs. 

I also talked to my past manager when I worked as an Undergraduate Nurse, and he told me to call the New Graduate educator, and let him know that I'm still interested, even though I am on a waiting list. Gave me a pep talk and wished me all the best. Called the educator, and he said there was still no vacancy. Also started receiving "unsuccessful job application" letters. Made me sad.

Suddenly, 1 out of 25 applications was accepted. So thankful! Dad came with me to my interview. I then got a call from my new job manager, telling me he was willing to take risk and give me a chance, even though I was a new graduate. I started working at a nursing home as a Registered Nurse, and it was a challenge to handle 30 residents by myself as a New Graduate.

Got my Graduate Visa!

June -- Loved my job so much! Started receiving job interview offers from my past applications, but I had to turn them down, even though I was just a casual, working on-call at my job. My manager told me to be open to other permanent positions, since they could not guarantee shifts all the time.

Called the New Graduate educator from the hospital I applied to again and asked if there was a new vacancy, and he said there still was none.

Applied for Permanent Residency.

July -- Finally received a call from the hospital wherein I was on a waiting list. After almost a year, a miracle happened. The educator told me someone backed out, and I was chosen to have the position. I was to start in August! I continued to receive interview offers from past applications. 

August -- I officially started as a full-time Registered Nurse Year 1 at the largest hospital in the area. I was told it was difficult to get in, and I felt so grateful that I got the position. I got to work at a ward that I truly wanted to be in-- Palliative & Oncology ward. It was stressful during the first week, but I had supportive workmates, who guided me along the way. The New Graduate team also made sure I was supported well. I am so thankful!


September-December -- Made amazing new friends through my colleagues. They were my third family (my second family is my cousin's family, whom I truly love!). I will never forget the great bonding moments we had... I also met memorable patients and families who have truly touched my heart.

As you may have noticed, 2013 was focused on establishing my career and life here in Australia. It was a difficult year at first. During the first quarter, I was getting unsuccessful job application letters. 

So many "NOs".

Suddenly, one opportunity came along. A manager decided to take risk in getting a new graduate.

Along the way, I kept calling the hospital I applied to in 2012, to check if a position suddenly became available. 4 out of 4 calls within the year--the answer was always "No".

One week after my fourth call to the hospital, they called me to tell me I got the position. 

The long wait was over.

I still got what I wished for. It was a miracle. 

I realised that there was a reason for all the unsuccessful job applications. 

There was a reason why there was a delay. 

I was meant to have the job I applied for, but it was not the proper time during the first round. 

God made me wait, so that I can get what I really wanted. If I got the position in 2012, I wouldn't have gotten the placement at the Palliative & Oncology ward since it only opened in April 2013. I may have gone off to a ward that I was not interested in. 

God made me wait, so that I can have a break after two years of studying. A holiday that I deserved. 

God made me wait, so that I can spend so much time with my family.

God made me wait, so that I would realise that miracles do exist-- that everything comes at a perfect time. 

God made me wait, so that I can trust Him more and to not worry in whatever challenges I may face in 2014.

God made me wait, so that I am ready for 2014.

I am thankful.


Happy New Year!!! 

I am wishing you all more blessings and more realisations of God's plans for you! =) Thank you for being part of my journey. I am glad that I have learned a lot through all of you. Life is a blessing. Life is full of lessons. One year will prepare us for the next.

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