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ANTM's Allison Harvard Career in the Philippines

Wednesday, January 15, 2014Traveliztera


I just saw the news via a Youtube video published last January 13 (Orlando Bloom's birthday by the way :P ), and I was so happy, even though I'm in Australia.

GAHHHH! I wanna meet her!!! Among all the top models, she has been my top favorite, probably because of how she portrayed herself as creepy, but cute and innocent-- something different from the usual. 

She was one of the most loved girls, because of how she handled arguments in the Top Model house. She was witty, and did make sense:

SOURCE: Brunonsense

I love her big eyes. 

It was a bit off but interesting when she said she was into blood... It was something different compared to the other models auditioning. That was probably the reason why she caught our attention.

I was rooting for her, and she won! 

Check out the latest news about Allison and her future career plans in the Philippines:

**Screenshot and NEWS from TheABSCBNNews

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