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Sunday, December 29, 2013Traveliztera

I have a very bad eyesight. I wear glasses or contact lenses. But I noticed that when it comes to things that aren't easily seen (not the "I see dead people" kind) or things that are not where they are supposed to be, my eyes quickly take notice.

Whenever I eat something, despite me not paying much attention to how each spoonful looks like, somehow, my eyes would automatically dart to a certain spot, whether on the spoon or on my plate, wherein there might be something a bit off usual. I might be able to see a small thread, a small bug buried somewhere, a strand of hair, etc.

One time, I was talking to my friends, not even looking at what I was eating, when something quickly caught my attention. A very small mosquito stuck on the steak sitting on my plate, which is hard to see, because of the char-grilled state of the meat. 

But I saw it.

When I open a bag of chips or whatever packed food I have, my eyes quickly go to the part where there has been a problem in terms of packaging. 

Way way back, I opened a box of corn flakes, and in a split second, my eyes automatically looked at this piece of Cheerios buried somewhere those flakes. 

When it comes to driving, I may be looking straight towards the road, but I can quickly pick up if there's a small object lying on the road,  or when it's dark, before my headlights light the area, I can already see there's something on the way.

The other night, I felt like slowing down, because I thought I saw some animals on the road. When my headlights lit the dark spot, two medium-sized birds were just hanging out in the middle of the road. 

Made me laugh though. As I approached, they didn't care to move away, until I made just a quick step on the accelerator and brake to surprise them. 

The next day, at the same spot, before my headlights lit the road, I could already outline something ahead of me. 


One pregnant cat, and another average cat. Probably lovers meeting up in the middle of the night (same as the birds), just like Romeo and Juliet, hiding from their families. LOL. 

So I slowly approached, and Romeo Cat ran away, but Juliet Cat stayed, staring back at me. Too funny.

Hear me "Roar!"

My eyes are definitely fast in detecting things/people/all the nouns that are not supposed to be there. 

One time, we were driving along the road, and my head quickly turned to face up to some electric wires at the side of the road, seeing rubber shoes hanging onto them. 

How can those shoes be up there, twisted around the wires? What happened?

I can quickly see a piece of broken glass on the floor, or see a very small insect coming towards me. 

Last night, I was on my bed, lights were off except for my laptop, and I quickly saw movement on the side, far from the light. 

A very small spider. 

Yes, an itsy bitsy spider was approaching me. Despite the darkness, I saw that small spider behind my laptop's light. So weird. Seriously. 

This was a very small spider a few years ago on my bedsheet. The spider last night was similar to this one. LOL.


Maybe in the past, that itsy bitsy spider bit me, and gave me this superpower of being super sensitive and being able to see subtle things. 

Maybe that spider is coming back to test me...

Maybe it's payback time...

Or maybe it's just my Obsessive-Compulsiveness...

Speaking of detecting spiders and lessons, you might want to read how I saved someone's life. Click here LOL.

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  1. You have spidey senses!!! or....no no, let's just say you have spidey senses :D I love your writing style! keep posting please


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