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Awkward Flu Moments

Sunday, December 22, 2013Traveliztera

Having flu is already an uncomfortable experience--what more if your awesome flu puts you into the most awkward situations during critical moments!?

1. The Unstoppable Cough

You're at a very silent place. It may be in a church, a theatre, a classroom, a public transport, or a library. I will never forget when we were watching a play. It was the most dramatic scene.


Everyone was at the peak of their emotions.

Suddenly, my throat started getting irritable and itchy. The uncomfortable feeling left me no choice but to cough so hard and so loud. The worse thing was that my cough was the one that sounds like I was setting off fireworks.

*The Phantom was silent, waiting for Christine...*

Pop pop pop! 

Really ruined the moment. Really.

What I hate more about the itchy feeling is if you do not have anything to soothe it like a drink or a candy, it keeps irritating you. So the cough goes on and on and on. No matter how hard you clear your throat, nothing works. And that's annoying.

2. The Nose Faucet

Worst scenario would be if you do not have tissue at this most sudden and annoying moment. You go to your exam, with your nose really amazing. In the middle of the exam, your nose starts to get runny. Nonstop! The good thing about me is I always make sure I have tissues. 

But I can imagine how uncomfortable it really would be if this happened to someone who did not bring tissues. And you're doing your exam. A slight change in your position (especially in the Philippine set-up of education) can quickly make your teacher accuse you of cheating.

It's such a bother. Use your exam paper. Just kidding.

Nonetheless, with tissue or not, can you imagine how distracting it is when you're taking your exams and you keep trying to plug the broken faucet? Rawr.

3. Food Explosion

You're eating spoonfuls. You felt the urge to sneeze. You can't stop it. Can you imagine what happens next?

"Baby you're a fireworkkk!"

4. The Cough + Sneeze Combo

You're coughing, then you had to sneeze in the middle of a phlegmy cough. 

Double expulsion! 

Enough said.


How about you? What awkward situations did your flu bring you into?


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  1. Hahhahha.. Relate sa COUGH... my co-workers starts to think I'm dying on the other side of the cubicle cause I wont stop caughing... nightmare


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