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Garnier OLIA Beige Dark Blonde on Black Hair Swatches & Review

Sunday, November 10, 2013Traveliztera

I have been colouring my hair on my own since 2011, and I usually read hair colouring products before trying them, but this time, since Garnier Olia was on sale, and I got tempted by the fact that it has oils, I bought it right away. For the first time, I did not study the product before trying it.

Did I regret it? Read on...

So the product says that it is "the first home hair colour powered by oil, not ammonia". 

On their website, it promises:

- 100% grey coverage & vibrant and lasting colour
- visible improvement of hair quality (no ammonia, 4 flower oils, 35% softer, 17% shinier)
- new experience for the senses

Now, I had this product in my drawer for around 4 months before actually using it. When it was time to re-colour my hair, I decided to read the reviews (super delayed!) about the shade I had (Beige Dark Blonde 7.13), and saw how there were a lot of comments such as the colour being murky brown or really darker than usual. That scared me, especially with the fact that I wanted my hair light brown. 

You might be asking, why didn't I go for the "light brown" shade then? 

I have black hair, so when I put on brown shades, you don't really see the effect. When I use blonde shades, I don't turn blonde, but it lightens my hair into a beautiful brown shade. I usually choose ash blonde shades, so that it is not too orangey, and it has this "just right" cool brown colour.

Now back to the reviews I read. Aside from comments about the colour being too dark, people did commend this product for leaving their hair REALLY soft. I never had that experience after colouring my hair, because we all know how drying the process is.

Anyway, I did not care anymore, and decided to just test it, since others say to give the product a chance, because after a few days, a greater shade appears. So I did.

Like other home hair colouring products, the box includes a developer cream, a colour cream, a post-colour conditioner, an applicator, a pair of gloves, and an instruction leaflet.

I love how there was no strong chemical scent. Also, one box was enough to cover my thick and long curls. 

After colouring and using the conditioner, I noticed how soft my hair was. I have never felt my hair that way before. It was really really really soft! I couldn't stop touching my hair. Even days after I coloured my hair, the softness continued.

In terms of colour, I did notice that my hair got really dark. Of course, that bothered me. But I was patient. I decided to give it a chance after a few washes. 

This was the colour on DAY 1:

Super DARK!

On DAY 3, the shade started to fade into the cool brown I wanted.

On Day 10, I definitely love how the colour turned out. 

There are mixed thoughts about this product, and I think it really depends on the hair type one has. As for me, my hair remains soft, and the colour is definitely satisfactory. I am definitely happy with this product!

PRICE in PRICELINE Australia: $ 16.95 (but I got this while it was on sale)

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