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Chanoma Cafe: Green Tea Heaven + Hotdogs

Sunday, November 03, 2013Traveliztera

EVERYTHING GREEN TEA. That's me. I love everything that has green tea. From the brewed green tea itself, to any product that has green tea--mochi, ice cream, drinks, cakes, crepe, etc.

So what is it with CHANOMA CAFE?

We discovered this place by accident. We wanted to buy a Green Tea Frappuccino from Starbucks, but the place was packed, so we decided to walk somewhere else. Not a minute has passed, when suddenly, a guy came out from a corner, holding a Green Tea Frappuccino that was clearly not from Starbucks. My friend (Dae) and I looked at each other, and as we were craving for the drink, we decided to go into the corner where he came from, and searched for wherever he found it.

There it was. Something caught my eye. It was a corner cafe, with green leaves ornamenting the place. 

From afar, the menu was full of green products. Looking closer, I knew it was MY KIND OF CAFE. It was green tea heaven!

Since we were so full from our Greek lunch, we only bought Green Tea drinks. 

Matcha Frappe

I came back the next day, and ordered their bestseller--TONKATSU HOTDOG!!!

It is a hotdog that is covered with breadcrumbs, which is placed in a hotdog bun, on a bed of the signature Japanese mayonnaise + shredded cabbage (correct me if I'm wrong) combo. The combination is perfect. 

For my dessert, I had Matcha Anmitsu. It is composed of green tea ice cream, rice balls, agar jelly, bean paste, boiled peas, and black syrup. I know, I know... Too much green tea! But I LOVE IT!

For my drink, I had lemonade, which has an option of having plain water or sparkling water as its base. I chose sparkling water. The lemonade is definitely a thirst-quencher, and I think their drink has a hint of honey, which gave the drink the right level of sweetness.

The ambience of the cafe itself is very warm, earthy, and homey. The place is very relaxing, even though it is a very small cafe. 

Can I also commend the staff for being polite and very friendly? Based on my experience, they have been really accommodating, and have been of assistance at all times. Thank you so much!

Overall, I recommend this place, especially if you are a Green Tea fanatic like me. I really want to try their fries next time! My goal is to be able to taste all of their products. I can't wait!!! I am definitely coming back. If you have been to this place, let me know which products are amazing!

 Here's the Chanoma Cafe menu if you are curious about their other products:

Regent Place, Ground Floor, 501 George Street, Sydney 2000

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  1. mukang masarap ang hotdogs nila... Ako rin ang order ko sa starbucks laging naka default green tea from without cream... nagpapapayat lang ahahah.


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