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Guest Post: The Top Five Reasons Why Women Will Benefit from Kratom

Friday, October 04, 2013Traveliztera

The Top Five Reasons Why Women Will Benefit from Kratom
Guest Post by Melissa Olsen

A woman’s day is a very busy day, often filled with stress. The need to multitask comes up more often than not. Women who have high stress levels will tend to have recurring muscle pain, insomnia, low energy levels, decreased libido, anxiety attacks, and unhealthy eating habits. To solve all of these problems, one might have to turn to several things such as doing yoga, getting some counseling from a therapist, getting a massage, taking multivitamins and energy drinks and the like. But more often than not, doing all of these things takes so much time and money, and can lead to—you guessed it—more stress. 

There’s a simpler way to address all these physical, mental and emotional issues without breaking the bank or taking up too much time. If you ever wanted to give alternative medicine a shot, you might want to take a closer look at Kratom.

Kratom is an amazing plant with many useful benefits. It’s considered to be a one-of-a-kind natural drug that has both stimulant and sedative effects. In certain parts of South East Asia such as Thailand and Malaysia, the leaves of the Kratom tree have been prized for many centuries for their medicinal properties. Women who are looking for alternative ways to achieve wellness ought to give Kratom a try, as this super plant can help alleviate certain aches and pains and can improve one’s mood too. It’s also highly versatile, as one may choose to take it as a pill, powder, crushed leaf, or made into a tea

As of now, there are no serious risks, danger, or adverse Kratom effects if one takes it in small, infrequent doses.

Here are the top five reasons why women will benefit from taking Kratom:

1. Energy levels are increased.

If it’s good enough to restore the energy of people who, to this day, still hunt for their food in the jungles of South East Asia, then it’s good enough to replenish a busy lady’s energy. A low dose, about 2 grams, is all that’s needed for this.

2. Relieves minor aches and pains

Got a backache that doesn’t seem to go away? Or a throbbing headache that bothers you during the busiest part of the week? Three grams of Kratom in a handy tablet form can be taken anytime, anywhere, and make that bothersome ache go away.

3. Sexual enhancement

Kratom is a good stimulant, and this makes it a great sexual enhancer, therefore improving sexual activity.

4. It calms the mind.

Take a few sips of Kratom tea and say goodbye to anxiety attacks. To make Kratom tea, simply add about 4 grams of the crushed leaf to a cup of hot water. Sweeten with honey and sugar. Sit back, relax and enjoy. The mind is restored to a peaceful state, and getting a good night’s sleep is easier than ever.

5. It helps control appetite.

When food becomes a crutch to deal with stress, a vicious cycle of stress-eating and bingeing, then exercising for hours to get rid of the calories can become a habit. This habit, when not corrected can lead to eating disorders. Kratom helps control appetite and can maintain weight.

Taking Kratom is a good way to achieve physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Consider this natural wonder, it’s sure to be worth it. 

Author's Name: Melissa Olsen

Author's Info:
Melissa is a freelance marketing consultant who enjoys blogging about marketing tips for online entrepreneurs and health and fitness topics for women. She is an avid believer of a healthier lifestyle for all women.

Author Link: Melissa

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