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Westlife Mark Feehily's Solo Album

Monday, September 30, 2013Traveliztera

We all know who among the Westlife lads went solo first... That lad was Brian McFadden (who moved here to Australia, giving me a chance to unexpectedly meet him in the city). Westlife continued on despite losing a member, and after 14 years of Westlife awesomeness, the band had to say goodbye through a Farewell Tour. It's just sad that I didn't get to see them LIVE in their final years as a band, though I've seen them during their first few years. =(

After Westlife, they all started to have their own careers. Nicky Bryne and Kian Egan continued on to becoming prominent personalities on television shows. Then Shane Filan went solo and is currently on tour, promoting his new album.

So the next question is: Where is Mark Feehily heading off to?

Shane Filan decided to answer this question, and I would like to give GRACEFILAN15 credits for this video.

"Uhm I think Mark, Mark at the moment is definitely gonna do some stuff. Mark, you know, he loves music, he loves songwriting, and at the moment he's doing a lot of songwriting, so he's uh, I think he's gonna go out with something very soon. I'm not sure when, but probably next year, I think."

Aside from this direct answer from Shane Filan, Mark Feehily has recently been dropping hints through his Twitter account :

SOURCE: http://twitter.com/MarkusFeehily

SOURCE: http://twitter.com/MarkusFeehily

Now, the next wish I want to be granted on my bucket list is... a duet with Mark Feehily in the future. I hope that happens!!! =') I still believe in dreams coming true, like the time he retweeted my music video for them (which I am partly regretting because I do realise that I looked stupid in the video and I'm still wishing that I acted less weird, but if I acted less weird, would he have noticed? too many questions-- let's move on!)... 

TRIVIA: Westlife fan since I was 9 years old! Guess how old I am now? Haha!

MARK, I hope AUSTRALIA gets a glimpse of you and your music! We, the loyal Westlife fans (and teenyboppers deep inside), are looking forward to your new album, Mark! Good luck! I'm sure your music is awesome! Excited!

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  1. Next thing nasa concert ka niya as guest astig

  2. Im a big fan as well. Unfortunately lahat ng cassette tapes and cd/vcds ay sinira ng bagyong melenyo huhuhu...

  3. di ba babalik daw siya sa pinas next year for the concert series!!


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