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Shane Filan in The Voice of the Philippines

Monday, September 30, 2013Traveliztera

In 2011, I was not in Manila when Westlife came, resulting to this video parody, which stripped off my dignity in this area (hahaha):

And now, it's September 2013, and Westlife's Shane Filan is back in Manila! He performed at accessible venues for his promo tour, which he ended by performing at THE VOICE OF THE PHILIPPINES. Once again, I'm not in Manila. =((
Screenshot from TheVoiceABSCBN

Nonetheless, I am happy to see him in the Philippines again, proving the fact that he loves us, and we love him. Mannn... I just wish I could sing those Westlife songs with him. =(

Here's a video of Shane's performance with the other The Voice Finalists from TheVoiceABSCBN:

We are definitely lucky to have our THE VOICE Finale graced by the wonderful Shane Filan. 

I also love his new music, especially EVERYTHING TO ME, a very motivating song, which narrates Shane's recent story of struggle and success, and how love conquered everything. =) Enjoy!

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  1. Actually, ikaw agad ang pumasok sa isip ko nung sinabi nung narinig kong magpeperform ang isa sa mga members ng westlife. Naalala ko yung video mo nga na yan. Basta pag westlife, ikaw naiisip ko :) Hehe

  2. Hey.. I actually saw u at Shane's concert. Nahiya lang ako magpa picture :) nice to see ya. :)


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