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YOUTUBE Finds: The Superhero Collab 3

Wednesday, August 07, 2013Traveliztera

I first discovered The Superhero Collab 2 when I started doing videos on Youtube as mshypersinger in 2010, and I was impressed with the special effects done by a fellow Filipino, Reggie a.k.a. regisor94. Then I saw the video that started it all, The Superhero Collab 1 by another Filipino, Jason a.k.a. chinaeyes22, and I was definitely hooked! These two are totally creative and talented! Then I discovered that these two were actually working together to execute the series well!

The Superhero Collab has been done for years in collaboration with Noytube (by Jason a.k.a. chinaeyes22) and IWAY (by Domingo a.k.a. Domingo0022), and in 2011, The Superhero Collab was continued for its third installment.

Reggie, the dude who completed the series alongside chinaeyes22 and samurye72, and his trademark "car throw" scenes!
 Jason, the dude who started the series. The director and the producer!

This time, I was invited to take part in this super action-packed series, and after two years, the masterpiece has been completed!

Woot! I feel like I'm the girl version of Cyclops with another power lolll!

What I like about the series is the fact that it doesn't just simply jam in videos from invited Youtubers, and add special effects for a wow reaction. There is a really good storyline, and the Youtubers get directed regarding what to do in order to execute the video well. I will put the links to the past series below, but for now, check out the video of PART 3!

Watch the video below!!!


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